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The balance is difficult

By zd ·
I worked at an organisation that has three types of users:
1. Regular Users
2. Elite Users
3. Associate Users

With regular users, they perform organisational duties and can be forced to use institutional tools. Should they bring their playstation on the institution network? Nope. For this type of user: "Can't do".

For Elite users, they bring in big money and prestige. They want to bring their latest toys, we needed to have a can-do attitude.

For Associate users, they supply their own devices and even *live* at the institution. For these users, you need to provide what they want and deal with the issues some other ways. They want to plug in a Playstation? Can do.

If you haven't figured out the type of organisation I'm talking about, it's not made up - it's real. And some of these are BIG.

The point is that there isn't a one size fits all. The author's opinion in a military contractor environment would be a disaster if a poorly informed senior manager "fell on his sword" to implement what he is suggesting.

But, the point that is being missed here is that it's easy for IT to say no. IT has become as predictable as government in having "no" at the tip of our tongues.

Personally, there's always a "yes" ... at a cost. That cost can be financial or operational.

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