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The Benefits of Outsourcing

By 24.maverick ·
There's a lot of negative talk about why big companies from all over America outsource their
back office business processes like payroll, accounting, and customer and sales handling. The bottom line is outsourcing saves money. It's an era where most companies are entering a new phase in terms of cost reduction and operational efficiency. While outsourcing may entail the transfer of jobs to an off-shore location, the act of doing so makes better business sense. Cutting costs allow companies to survive while providing jobs to people in underdeveloped countries.

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Are you for real ?

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to The Benefits of Outsourci ...

Outsourcing might save money in the short term for a company depending on how well they manage it. Long term, well that's very much open to question.

What is the point of companies surviving if they don't employ anyone in the country they are based?

Lower salaries , higher unemployment, bigger tax burden on those who are employed, less services, higher crime, greater civil unrest....

It might be good for individual companies and their shareholders, for the national economy, definitely not!

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The very simple point people miss

by jdclyde In reply to Are you for real ?

if the LOCAL people are not working, then the LOCAL people are not going to buy your product.


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Get's even more amusing

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to The very simple point peo ...

when they start waffling about the global economy doesn't it?

Many of us have been there when a town went unemployed due to changes in the local economy, these short sighted f***s are talking about doing it to entire countries.

Makes my socialist self rear up and suggest taxing the crap out of companies that do it, after all the poor buggers they were employing aren't and the poor buggers they are employing don't.

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makes my free marketeer blood boil too...

by Locrian_Lyric In reply to Get's even more amusing

These companies are employing slave labor (in the case of china) or otherwise not playing in a free market but taking advantage of controled markets.

It also makes the free marketeer blood boil over the fact that it's bad business on so many levels.

Quality suffers, customer satisfaction drops, and a plethora of other troubles that don't manifest on the immediate bottom line rear their ugly heads.

Dow Jones knocked themselves out of the box by going ape over outsourcing. They ultimately didn't have any staff with any long-term knowledge and things were collapsing when Rupert bought them.

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If you like outsourcing, thank a Democrat

by jdclyde In reply to The Benefits of Outsourci ...

It is the tax policies that originally drove American companies to move part of their operations off-shore to save on the massive tax burden placed on them. It was a natural process if they saw they could save in one area and not have massive up risings for not being an American company anymore, that they would look into other ways they could save on overhead.

The GOOD thing about the weaker US dollar is it is making it less cost effective to outsource anymore so many of the jobs are coming back.

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Oh please, here's a dollar, buy a clue JD

by Fregeus In reply to If you like outsourcing, ...

This has nothing to do with democrats or republicans

All thought i would be tempted to blame the republicans for the jobloss North America is experiencing with their "free trade deals" making goods manufactured in other (poorer) countries more attractive.

This wave happen during both the republican and democrat administration and we should blame more the stock holders and CEOs for only thinking about their bottom lines instead of their fellow man.

Do us all a favor and don't mix partisan politic into this. Both sides are guilty.

Edited for typos

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ooh! slaps for Palmie!

by gadgetgirl In reply to The Benefits of Outsourci ...

hey guys!

you're feeding a troll!

his link is a call centre/sales and marketing site!

and he only joined the day he posted....

need I say more...

oh yes. One thing more...

PALMIE!! Duck!!


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Report as Spam

by Tig2 In reply to The Benefits of Outsourci ...

I've not a word for the OP as I don't know that I could stay civil.

But I agree with GG- Palmetto should duck as I agree with her- this is a troll post and nothing more.

If, however, the troll revisits, I will use a little phrase that Mae taught me. Even if I have to cut and paste it.

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Let's rip him a new one first

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to Report as Spam

We could have some fun if this eejit comes back.
If he don't then we can bin 'im.

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by Tig2 In reply to Let's rip him a new one f ...

I had hoped that he would just seagull his arse out of here. This is the kind of topic that can kill a board- not just divisive, but wildly so.

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