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The benefits of smart card technology

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Has your organization deployed smart card technology throughout the enterprise, or are you considering it? What obstacles did you face during your deployment? Share your comments about implementing smart card technology, as discussed in the April 23 Security Solutions e-newsletter.

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Outsmart yourself with smart cards?

by Flash00 In reply to The benefits of smart car ...

Two thoughts on smart cards:
1) Can't they be duplicated? They are nothing but electronic keys. If the readers are to be ubiquitous then their specifications will have to be standardized and available. Anyone with the right equipment would be able to duplicate a card.
2) What happens when the boss loses his smart card after a night on the town and calls you on Sunday morning because he can't log onto his computer at home? Don't tell me you wouldn't be tempted to put a back door in his home computer for just such an eventuality.

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re: Outsmart yourself with smart cards?

by Mike Mullins In reply to Outsmart yourself with sm ...

Two good questions.
1. If I steal your card, I still need your pin. Or if you're using biometric smart cards. I need your biometric (voice, finger print, etc...)
2. You invalidate his card and credentials (CRL) when he calls and issue a temprorary login/password until a new card can be issued.

Nothing changes in your procedures, just the level of assurance that the person requesting and granting access is greatly increased.

Good questions.
Mike Mullins

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Where and how much

by Stelian In reply to re: Outsmart yourself wit ...

Anyone knows where can you get Smart Card systems and for how much?

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by tngamecockfan In reply to Where and how much

Work for the IRS. We have been using smart cards for years developed by SafeNet and are up to C2 security standards. Work very well. Starting to migrate into another direction but they do work. You have the card and your pin. You can find them at

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Smartcards work well

by Chris_Oz In reply to re: Outsmart yourself wit ...

We've had smartcards that are also our building access cards for 12 months. The combined card means you tend not to forget your card but we do have userid/password as a back up.

Take up has been excellent - good business buy-in.

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