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The Best LAN switch!

By amit.puthran ·
I am debating which product is the best for a high speed network switch. I have used a number of switches, 3Com, linksys, Dlink etc. What do you think guys!!

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by ccthompson In reply to The Best LAN switch!

Cisco baby! A little more expensive, but worth the cash. Dell also offers gigabit switches at a cheap price.

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by advancedgeek In reply to The Best LAN switch!

go get yourself a cisco catalyst.

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by lee.newman In reply to The Best LAN switch!

I would say Cisco as well, nothing can touch these switches, not to mention the Support Cisco provides for their products. I work for a large Childrens Hospital in TX and we went with Cisco 6500 switches for the stability and dependability.

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by hitchcock4 In reply to The Best LAN switch!

I agree that Cisco has all the features that you can ask for. However, when we wanted to buy gigabit switches for all our desktops and laptops, we went with 3Com. Let me tell you why.

- Main reason: cost.
- 3Com offers a wide range of products to choose from.
- The reason that the Cisco switches were 3 and 4 times the cost of the 3Com switches was that we did not need a "managed switch". Cisco does not even sell an "unmanaged switch". 3Com offers some reasonable GIGABIT unmanagaed switches.
- We purchased 6 24-port 3Com Baseline 2824 Switches. We purchased 1 "3Com SuperStack 3 Switch 3824" for some of the manageability features.
- The unmanaged 3Com 2824 switches cost $580 each. Those are 24 gigabit ports! Great price compared to the Catalyst? 3750

Our main office has less than 100 employees, but more than 100 Ethernet devices. Your mileage may vary.

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by feathersmcgraw In reply to The Best LAN switch!

While I agree with most everything that was posted I have to stop and ask what are you intending this switch to do? high speed means different things to different people..does high speed mean 100mb for simple fast connectivity to a server? Or is gigabit required for some other reason?

Everyone jumped on the band wagon of Cisco this and Cisco that, but he listed 3Com, linksys, and Dlink. These are all SOHO simple switches. Nothing fancy about them at all. The Cisco Cats are great switchs, but particulary expensive. You can purchase a Foundry or Force10 and get just the same if not faster throughput (the Foundry's are wirespeed)for less cost. Shoot, as far as just needing a strong swtich that is capable of offering 10/100 and gigE ports HP Procurve (4108s as an example) are just as good and cheaper.

This is like the Ford and Chevy argument. They will all get you to where you are going, it comes down to what features do you need and how much money are you willing to spend. Do you need VLAN capability (not all Dell PowerConnects are), do you want to have the capability later to add layer 3 to the switch? How many gigE copper or fiber ports do you need? Do you want a bladed chassis or self contained.

I love the Cat...the 6500 is a hoss and very reliable. But just because I like Cisco products doesn't mean they fit every solution I run. I also like Foundry and HP Procurve. Bottom line...what is your intended use..backbone core? access or distribution?

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by PeteH In reply to The Best LAN switch!

My opinon - there is no best lan switch. Bear in mind that most switches use the same hardware ASICs and you'll realise why. Cisco tend to use their own designs but that's a double edged sword. Some catalysts are excellent, some are rubbish. Main reason being that the Catalyst range is at least three different designs by three different companies aquired by Cisco over the years.

As someone else intimated - go for best price/performance/reliability. The Rolls-Royce models are Enterasys/Cisco but Allied Telesyn have some good cheapies.. 3Com are having a bit of a resurgence now.. HP are very reliable but I hate the Web interface.

Look at the Tolly reports and you'll see how speed depends on lots of factors and a switch can be good with short packets but rubbish with big ones. Sometimes (Cisco) the advertised performace is skewed by quoting all the accellerator options fitted and sometimes manufacturers neglect to mention bottlenecks in expansion modules (the old 3Com 3300 was a classic - gigabit fibre could be set full duplex but the circuitry could only handle 1Gig anyway).

For me it's big Catalysts at the core but HP on the edge and AT in some experimental sites. I am considering going for another look at 3Com.

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by ravjyo In reply to The Best LAN switch!

Def cisco. I have worked wioth Foundry as well..but cisco is far better

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by dplewis In reply to The Best LAN switch!

Completely agree with feathersmcgraw. What do you want from your network??? Most importantly; evaluate from the ground up?
What does your business need from IT?
What does your IT strategy (applications, hosts, OSs, client access devices etc.) need from the network?
What are the issues you have managing and supporting the network? (E.g. what skills do you have in-house?)
Build yourself a wish-list with relative priorities to each item. Then do some simple comparison of competitor's kit to your needs.
I've implemented successful LANs from Cisco, 3Com, Extreme, Enterasys, Foundry, HP, Dell to mention a few and ALL of them have their Plus and Minus points.

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by kintele In reply to The Best LAN switch!

I think 3Com Switches are the best in the market followed by others.

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