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The best OS ever without a doubt

By NZ_Justice ·
Nobody would use a PC if Microsoft hadn't invented windows. How can it not be the greatest OS ever. sure bugs, but those bugs get fixed. sure frustration but what isn't frustrating in IT. Linux you can be learning that for life, then die and still have accomplished nothing. Mac, it's not windows, there functionality is sub standard because they don't want to be sued by MS. A lot of the web would be missing if there was no windows. Just about every application out there that is worth using is made for windows. There is no good alternative. Linux gurus are now working for microsoft. Open source has no direction every step forward is a step backward. Windows OS is the wheel, we use to drive our pc's. Only the US MOD does anything good with other technology, and no average user currently has access to that ****. sure Microsoft are a big evil bloodsucking entity but so is coca cola and I love coke (the drink). So yep Windows is the best OS ever, nothing will ever beat it.

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If I remember correctly

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to The best OS ever without ...

There where a lot of computers in use in domestic environments in the DOS days and not many of them even used MS DOS.

Also If I'm correct Xerox actually invented the GUI and had it running on several k of PC's running Unix and when the Powers That Be at Xerox decided that there was no future in PC's and decided to concentrate on their Core Business photocopiers they brought in all the current competition of the day Steve Jobs [from Apple} and Bill Gates and showed them what they had accomplished before trashing the entire system and sending it to the scrap heap.

Now if I remember correctly Apple got their GUI to the market first and where the PC to own for the illiterate computer user and where there long before Windows hit the market with Windows.

But I'm open to correction.

Of course I see that you want to start off a massive argument where you need Fire Proof gloves on before you can touch your keyboard but I'm not buying into it.

Col ]:)

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All your points are valid

by NZ_Justice In reply to If I remember correctly

But I'm a bit slow (got droped on my head when I was a baby(they should explain heaps)). But how does any of what you said mean that Windows is not the greatest OS. sorry your not buying into, well thanks for the info. Did you know that the the number one selling motor bike was the honda cub. And the show top ten greatest every rated this bike as number 1 ever. So thanks for putting me stright with the those facts, but whats the relavince. My main point is ( not that I didn't produce straight facts at the start of the thread) but windows is the graetest OS ever, so what if xerox created the first ever GUI, micrsoft stole it. So what if apple got their gui on the market first, mirosoft still out sold them. How do you become the worlds most hated and used software in the world if your OS is not the best ever?

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The answer to that one is easy!

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to All your points are valid

Join up with IBM to smash Apple that's exactly what Billy Boy did and since IBM used Open Architecture so any company could make an IBM clone it had to have MS product on it to compete. So that is how MS got 95% of the PC market not because it was the best but because it was sold by IBM on their own machines so everyone else who wanted to compete with IBM had to use MS OS & Software this was again back in the DOS days.

Incidentally that project by Xerox didn't just allow the networking of any number of PC's but allowed the sharing of resources between different units so if one unit was low on CPU resources this was farmed out to other units that had an excess of resources available the same goes for Memory and storage space. I've yet to see anything similar to come out of MS Windows yet but at least you can network the OS easily even if there is an upper limit to the number of concurrent connections that it supports.

By the way the best car of all time as voted by the AU motorist was a 1965 VW Beetle it was more reliable ad fuel efficient than anything else on the road as of 1995. Pity my stock standard one straight from the factory only gets 8 miles per gallon but goes like the clappers and throws out about 4 foot of flame from the exhaust pipes on the over run. It's just like my Ducati I should have Flame Guards on the exhaust outlets but at least I do enjoy driving it even if the petrol has all been changed and I need to pull the motor apart to change the valves and seats so they don't fail.

By straight from the factory don't make the mistake like many do that I was referring to the VW factory either.

Col ]:)

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fair enough

by NZ_Justice In reply to The answer to that one is ...

But now in the year 2006 when there are so many good alternatives to windows, it still has a large chunk of the market(peopel have a choice now and they are still choosing windows). And MS still steel good ideas. Look a novel netware. far superior to any thing windows could offer, at the time of carpy NT 4 or below, and what did MS steal? AD, and now with Windows XP pro (soon to be over taken by vista) and win2k3 Server you got a pretty solid setup. So if Microsoft steal the best from the rest they can't go wrong. They don't need quality contorl they just have to wait for some one else to do it then bamb MS have it.

Then there is firefox, firefoxes tabs kick ***(apparently you can download third party software to have tabs in IE (but I can't be bothered)), you get tabs and not so many vunrabilites (because it's not microsoft). Whats MS doing? They are releasing IE 7. Now seprate from the OS (something to do with them being an evil market hog and the law saying they can't provide to many apps with there OS or something, because it is unfair to competing alternative products i.e media player vs quick time vs real etc...), at least thats the excuse)and will probably have tabs functionality.

All this jsut keeps making windows OS get better and better, the alternatives can't come up with a better one because MS will just steal it.

cool you have a Ducati. I want an indian, the movie the worlds fastest indian has inspired me to want to have one. I can't top your Ducati or VW story, I only had that honda cub one.

Feel good and have fun :)

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Actually MS can only steal uncopyrighted stuff

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to fair enough

For example Word Perfect since about version 10 I think has had a "Make it Fit" option when the lines go over a page or several and you can reduce it down to fit onto the most convenient page number or increase the page count so that the entire page is filled with no blanks. Word doesn't have that yet and Corel has had it for ages. :)

I only have a small Ducati a 1982 900 SS Darmah 1 of 23 that was imported into AU that year and I've been in control of it since new so I never allowed any of the racers who used the 4 bikes that we had in the team actually use it even though occasionally a few parts where stolen off it at race meetings when there where no spares.

The one that I really loved was a 1959 250 cc Factory GP racer it was lovely to ride and I used it in Classic Racing one rear tire a day several chains and one front tire worn out every week end now that was a fun bike to ride.

But unfortunately when I moved north I sold it as there when no race tracks up there and it was useless for anything else still regretting that sale all of 25 years latter and it only did 140 MPH. The 900 will pull 130 KPH in first without a second thought but is very heavy on fuel if you are silly enough to ride it at the posted speeds.

If you actually shake it into top and keep it around the 5K RPM it will run along on piratically no petrol at all but in that gear and engine speed you are slightly over the speed limit only by a factor of about 3. OH life is good when you have something like that as a play toy.

The VW on the other hand is a PIG but I do like the way that it leaves all the supposedly high powered V8's in its wake. A friend of my son who insisted on trying to beat it on a drag strip after loosing every time for half a day even when I muffed the starts insisted that it is a Freak of Nature and he wouldn't believe that the speedio was actually a speedio he insisted that it must be a Tacho until I showed him the cable running to the left hand front wheel. He just thought that I had altered its internals so I had a Tacho right in my face.

Col ]:)

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re make it fit

by Jaqui In reply to Actually MS can only stea ...

version 6 of wordperfect "wordperfect for windows" in 1995 had it.

and as far as MS stealing non copyrighted stuff only, one person I know was telling me yesterday that ms didn't even remove the copyright when they stole some code from aix to create dos with, it still had his name in it, right up to the death of dos itself, windows xp.

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That makes it even worse Jaqui

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to re make it fit

I've been using WP since the DOS days and unlike all the lemmings who have gone to Orifice I stick with what works. I know that the Make it Fit option has been there for a long time but I didn't realize that it was that long makes Word look as backward and nasty as it actually is doesn't it? Well I suppose 11 years is nothing in the long term view of MS is it.

Funnily enough when I set this place up all those years ago I had Corel WP Office on every computer and all the staff complained bitterly and insisted that I was way behind the time living in a long dead world and since then they now all use WP Office and hate it when they have to switch to the MS option I've even seen them using WP 12 in MS mode just to get something done so others can read it when required.

Now they look forward to a new version of WP and I haven't got any office product newer than XP and I only got that as a throw in for a volume license kit that I bought, seems that the people at the marketing side of MS got their noses out of joint when I refused to buy a volume license copy of Orifice and said that I would stick with what I know works properly WP when the Volume License copy of XP Pro arrived there was also the same number of Office Licenses included.

While I've installed it just so there is a spell checker in Outlook I would have been as happy to use Office 97 and never open the package. :)


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Not AIX, but story is true in multiple cases

by X-MarCap In reply to re make it fit

The fact is they bought the program loader which became DOS from Seatle Software.

They brought other pieces from other companies. I worked on a C compiler and they left variables with TJS (my initials)in a modules that they claimed to have had to rewrite. (They tried to globally change variable names, but that didn't work when functions had embeded TJS globals that were in linked objects...)So they didn't like my initials, and they broke the code trying to eliminate variables with my initials, and functions using my initials...

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Not so, Aussie...

by iceman52 In reply to Actually MS can only stea ...

MS is like any other thief. They steal when they want to. They stole logic for Windows Media Player from Real and didn't stop denying it until they settled a lawsuit in an out-of-court agreement resulting in MS purchasing 15% of Real and making a technology exchange agreement. This btw, is MS's modus operande. To them, stealing code is just a business tactic and so is compensating the victim only when they get close to losing a court judgement.

They would have "stolen" patented stuff here if they hadn't made the deal (by definition, un-copyrighted material is legally unprotected).

Perhaps it remains plagurism and therefor morally and literarily equivalent to stealing. But our friend seems to value everything exclusively on commercial bases. Don't you think?

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Defiantly on that one

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Not so, Aussie...

Actually Java came to mind after I put in the above as well.

Col ]:)

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