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The best Security

By rvdalvi ·
the most secure way on the net is to use a D-link router w/ built in firewall!

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Not even for a home network

by TheChas In reply to The best Security

I don't trust D-Link networking equipment or any "home grade" hardware firewall.

They just are not as robust as the products from the commercial networking firms.

Once the hackers find the way through these hardware appliances your only recourse is a new device.

For a home network, a good software firewall is the best choice.

Of course, with any network security device, your personal diligence and the time spent maintaining the device, reviewing logs and installing updates is the most important part of the security task.

Yes, devices like a D-Link Router with a firewall are simpler to setup than a good software firewall. But for any security system, the easier it is to setup, the easier it is to break through.


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any good software FW ?

by MichaelTsen In reply to Not even for a home netwo ...

Can you recommend any good software FW ?

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Software Firewall

by damnager In reply to any good software FW ?

Best I know of is Zone Alarm, free for home use. Go to Also worth a check is to check wether you really are secure :-)

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Zone alarm is popular

by Oz_Media In reply to Software Firewall

But the free version is a continual headache on ANY install I've used it on. People usually put up with it for a few days then beg me to remove it as it is unstable and unresourceful.

They do have a professional version that you PAY for but the free one is just BS, sorry.

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Older free Zone Alarm

by MichaelTsen In reply to Zone alarm is popular

Try an older version of free Zone Alarm, I find them more stable and less headache.

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Beg to differ

by HereInOz In reply to Zone alarm is popular

Can't agree Oz. I've been using free Zone Alarm on single computer installs for years and it works fine for me. The biggest problem I run into is users who don't like the restrictions that a firewall places on their activity. Voice over Internet and things like that.

If the user wants the firewall off, OK, but those that use it properly and understand it, and that is the key, wouldn't leave home without it.

I also use free Zone Alarm on networked machines that are behind a NAT router. It gives the freedom to assign ports in the router for ports on particular machines on the network, then protect access via those ports by blocking them to all but trusted IP addresses.

VNC is an application that works well in this way. Deny it Internet server rights, but allow server rights in the trusted Zone, then only allow the IP address of the authorised accessor to pass the firewall.


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HW is still better than

by MichaelTsen In reply to Software Firewall

If the topic is comparing HW firewall with ZoneAlarm's, then my bet is still on HW firewall.

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by TheChas In reply to HW is still better than

I agree if, you are talking about a "real" hardware firewall appliance.

Just as the so called routers offered by the home networking companies are limited in their functionality, I don't believe that a D-Link hardware firewall is going to be as strong as a good software firewall.

After-all, just how much of a firewall can there be in a $60 combination router / switch / firewall?

If were talking serious hardware firewalls from companies like Cisco or Symantec, then YES they are better than a software port blocker.

The home network user who installs a low cost hardware firewall that they picked up at Best Buy is going to be lulled into a false sense of security.


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same page here

by MichaelTsen In reply to IF

I agree in principal ...

Ppl who would go for an all-in-one HW is usually looking for a router. If that comes with basic IP/port filtering, I think that is great. If those buyers are happy with that filtering feature, they typically do not have the serious needs of security. As time goes by, their security needs may increase but still not in urgency. Then some form of software emulation comes in place. When they start using those softwares, they are 'forced' to learn security. When they really understand security and after facing the trouble of maintaining SW settings, they will realize the investment on HW security devices worth it.

My thought is that home user typically do not need serious networking HW nor the time to learn the SW settings. When the privacy of a home networking is invaded, none of the HW or SW matter because most of the invasion comes in the form of human interaction and compromises (my initial posting).

My Linksys wireless, router + switch cost me about USD 80 too. I belive Linksys is Cisco based too and I think the FW setting is quite OK. If D-Link doesn't have the basic filtering features and cost the same then perhaps home users can consider Linksys.

I still use Zone Alarm ofcourse. So from my above view point, you can see I am still in my learning stage ;-)

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Agree with Chas

by HereInOz In reply to HW is still better than

Often the cheaper "router/firewalls are really just NAT routers, that protect the machines on the network by virtue of network address translation, but they can still be seen from the outside, and if they can be seen, they can be compromised.

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