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    The best smartphone out there right now


    by jrivera86 ·

    I’ve had mine since Sunday and the transition from iphone to this has been seamless. It is by far the best smartphone I’ve owned. In terms of size it is similar to an iphone but seems way bigger due to the bigger screen. Highly recommended.

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      droid x

      by cnieves ·

      In reply to The best smartphone out there right now

      are the droid x phones in puerto rico already? have you tried the GPS. yo tengo mi telefono y me encanta. es tremendo.

      at first i thougt it was a litte big for a phone but it is fine so far.

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        Droid X

        by jrivera86 ·

        In reply to droid x

        Unfortunately we do no have Verizon any longer in Puerto Rico, since it was sold to Claro Wireless…we do have Sprint, T-Mobile, AT&T and some other regional carriers.

        The best I think out there right now we can have in Puerto Rico is Sprint’s EVO 4G and of course the iphone with AT&T besides other Android phones.

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      Uh…you’ve had your WHAT since Saturday?

      by charliespencer ·

      In reply to The best smartphone out there right now

      How about naming the product in your post? Better yet, how about replying to the discussion you were obviously reading instead of starting an urelated discussion? Then we’d all know what equipment so impressed you.

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        by jrivera86 ·

        In reply to Uh…you’ve had your WHAT since Saturday?

        I was referring to the HTC EVO 4G, but apparently I hit the wrong button and I started a post instead of continuing the other that had started….my apologies…

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          4g evo

          by cnieves ·

          In reply to Sorry

          that is a nice phone. i was going to get the equivalent which is droid incredible from verizon but then the droidx was going to be released a week before and i changed the order.

          i was after the processor. and at first i was aprehensive of the big screen because of manageability but now that i have it it is great. having the big screen is nice for web browsing.

          now i am having an issue of setting up items on the calendar. when they show up in outlook, they show up as private. no location or appoiintment name. hopefully i will find out soon how to clear this. in the meantime i have to add my appoitnments on my outlook web when i am away from the office.

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          My Blackberry syncs just fine

          by john hanks ·

          In reply to 4g evo

          It’s boring, reliable, secure and trusty. Darn Blackberry anyway.

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