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    The Big Move


    by ccthompson ·

    Ok, Many questions here, but I know there is a few of you out there that has been through this before.

    I am moving to a new building, not right now, but soon enough. I have all the computer i want ready to go, I need to know some suggestions on what else would be a good idea. heres what I got:

    Cisco Switches, Cisco Routers, Posible Cisco Call Manager Phone System(Havent Decided yet!)KVM switch for the servers.

    So My question is, Where can I find a complete server rack, I mean is there a place that sells one “complete” application, i mean with Patch Panels, Is there a place that will have these, and also be assembled inside the rack, that will also match my Cisco Switches?

    And another thing, why are cisco switches so much more expensive than lets say Dell? I can Get a 16 port (Gigbit) switch from dell for like $500. But a 16 port cisco 10/100 is like $2000.

    Am I missing something? Any insite is much appreciated!

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