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    The Blog of a Lazy Lurker


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      Uh-oh. A blog post …

      by lazy lurker ·

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      I will get to being lazy a some point soon.  I promise.

      So what to I do?  I am an Oracle DBA.  Mostly, I have been
      relegated to the realms of physical and support work.  I got
      dragged there –kicking and screaming — about six years ago.  All
      the application design work I loved was ripped from my grasp. 
      Begging and pleading got me a lot of empty promises, but here I
      remain.  Why?  Why must I here and manage this end of the
      databases and instance?

      Because I’m good at it.

      Damn.  Shot in the foot by competence yet again.

      Well, perhaps I can share something with you that SOMEONE can use.

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      Locking madness

      by lazy lurker ·

      In reply to The Blog of a Lazy Lurker

      OK, what gives today?  I actually had to fix a  major
      production issue.  That makes two (or maybe three) this
      month!  Somebody is playing with my karma over here.

      It was actually pretty simple.  Citrix-deployed app lost contact
      with the user but did not clean up.  So a phantom session was
      sitting holding a lock.  The tricky part was wading through the
      pile of queued up requests to find the locking session.

      It would be a snap — except for an outstanding bug in my
      version.  An old favourite script does not work in this version
      because when I try to join multiple copies of V$LOCK, I get
      locked!  Major bummer.

      Fortunately, I reworked the script months ago.  I select
      everything from the views into a temporary table first, then work with
      that.  The bug does not get in my way; I get my answer faster than
      I can notice the lag.

      A few judicious “alter system kill session” commands and I get moved a
      few places away from the top of the “Who to fire next?” list.

      I will post the script if the following can be done:

      1) I can find a place to put it
      2) I can figure out how to put it there
      3) I can be bothered to try (hey, I’m lazy, remember)

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