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The body of stone...

By AnsuGisalas ·
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<a href=>Fighting like one's body is already dead</a>...
If they put that in a movie, it'd have to be an action comedy - people would find it too unbelievable, otherwise.
"Hit him with the tripod!"
"Now that's gotta hurt!"

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by PurpleSkys In reply to The body of stone...

and i couldnt' agree with you more Ansu :)

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How much of that

by NexS In reply to The body of stone...

Would have been out of desperation?

Good job on his behalf though - 30 Taliban guys, 400 rounds and a tripod. Either he wasn't a very good aim, or he decorated each insurgent with at least 12 rounds each.

As light as I'm making this, the fact that one guy rebounded an entire assult group is amazing. The best I could do is tell them how to remove viruses from their PCs or upgrade their servers!

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He's got a better ratio than many hunters I'd imagine...

by AnsuGisalas In reply to How much of that

And they're not using full-auto weapons... not to mention the necessity of suppressing fire when dealing with a 30-1 charge, if he'd have had time to snipe at them one at a time it wouldn't have been a victory, it'd have been a cold-blooded massacre.

This will make people remember why the Ghurkas are to be feared...
I think it was in the Falklands, when they used to be able to rout isolated Argentinian positions by letting it be known that the Ghurkas would be coming on the morrow.

Desperation isn't going to win against 30, though. Desperation can win against 5, 10 if they come in waves. 30 takes a dead calm, the calm that comes from accepting that death has come anyway - fight-or-flight will only mess that up.
If even a part of one's spine thinks running could work, it's all over.

And over 60 years ago:

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by seanferd In reply to He's got a better ratio t ...

He <i>moved up</i> on <i>them</i>. All business.

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That little Gurkha bloke....

by NexS In reply to He's got a better ratio t ...

Done gone and done big mighty job!

With only one hand - he's been talking to Peter Pan.

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I've also

by NexS In reply to He's got a better ratio t ...

Had a chance to read up on the Gurkhas.

They're definitely the type that you'd not want against you.

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My dad once told me a story...

by AnsuGisalas In reply to I've also

He'd been chatting with a fellow who'd been leading a gurkha company somewhere in southeast asia, in one of those really messy affairs before the Vietnam war, where nobody really knew who was fighting whom, and for whom.

So, one day this fellow had awoken in his bunk and found a red ribbon tied around his neck. Furious he goes to ask his troops what kind of game they're playing, only to find that they've all had their throats cut very neatly.
Apparently it was how groups of gurkhas settled things between them when needed.

Outsiders simply given a lesson to mind their beeswax and be thankful for the ribbon.

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A true bedtime story, that

by NexS In reply to My dad once told me a sto ...

One I will tell to my children (when I have children) every night before bed.

"Be thankful for the ribbon, because the alternative is not much fun..."

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My uncle was in the Pacific during WW2

by NickNielsen In reply to My dad once told me a sto ...

He told a story about Ghurkas as well. There was a discussion beween some Aussie marines and the Ghurkas as to who could get in and get out best. The result, of course, was a challenge. The Aussies drew long straw, so the Ghurkas went first. The Aussies set up a perimeter, and spent the night on high alert, but saw and heard nothing. The next morning, they asked the Ghurkas why they hadn't come. The Ghurkas said they had. When the Aussies started laughing, the Ghurkas told them to check the soles of their shoes. The Aussies did, and discovered that the sole of every right boot had a "G" drawn on it.

My uncle says every one of them snapped to and saluted the Ghurkas.

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I could believe that.

by NexS In reply to My uncle was in the Pacif ...

Gurkhas are Indian Ninjas.
'Nuff said!

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