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The Certification Debate...

By CG IT ·
According to this article, hiring managers don't place very much emphasis on IT Certifications.

This is nothing new but it's always been one of the great debates.

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My Guess

by w2ktechman In reply to The Certification Debate. ...

too many people have been burned with 'paper cert' dumba$$es that did not know much, or had very poor 'w-word' skills...

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by swhymark In reply to My Guess

I've been in IT 16 years and have always been in the understanding that having certs was never really going to be appreciated as much as some people liked to make out, experience was always more preferable.
Well, having now gained those 16 years hands on, I feel it's time to do my MCP/MCSA and possibly my MCSE. If for no other reason than to satisfy myself that I have actually learnt something! (Plus I want to do it before I hit 50) :)

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If certifications no longer hold as much weight

by HimDownStairs In reply to The Certification Debate. ...

then how do companies guage the intelligence of potential hires and their skill sets if they're, for example, fresh out of college?

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