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The Current Status of IT Jobs

By gerberb58 ·
I received this as a job qualification today.
This is as bad as it pretty much have to be the whole IT organization and get paid as a burger flipper....I'm getting out.

Position description:
NEED IT ANALYST IN BC!!! Excellent opportunity for an INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY Analyst in western Canada. Education open. Prefer minimum of 5 years experience in the following: VBA, VB6, and VB.NET with a focus on .NET; Expert Level MS Excel and Access; and MS SQL Server 7/2000. Must have the ability to transform layperson business needs into functional, documented, technology solutions as well as have a strong customer service focus background and willingness to actively learn network administration. Also need a combination of the following skills and experience in: Windows Professional and Server ? Active Directory/GPO (MCSE); Virtual Server Partitioning (VMWare,MS Virtual PC/Server); Cisco (CCNA or better), JD Edwards (World, OneWorld,PeopleSoft), Lotus Notes/Domino, OSISoft PI Datalink, Processbook, SMT,Rockwell RS platform, Bendata Heat, Ulys, Avaya Voice Systems; familiarity with Sarbanes-Oxley and OSC compliance and hardware experience (HP/Compaq Proliant Servers, RAID, SAN, Layer 3 Switching and VLANS/QOS, Fibre Optics, Wireless Infrastructure). Position will report to Superintendent and provide tech support for 400 users, 250desktops and backup coverage for the IT Superintendent. Will also be responsible for maintaining and enhancing business systems working closely with the business units to ensure the company?s strategic direction is being delivered. Generous package includes salary based on experience and qualifications, benefits, and relocation.

Position type: Perm
Position location: Western, Canada
Potential pay up to: 25.48 $/Hr
Potential salary up to: 53 K $ /Yr
Duration: Permanent

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by jeff.riyasat In reply to The Current Status of IT ...

Probably a small company looking for a jack of all trades but master of none. I recently changed jobs and where I am Toronto the moarket is pretty good and the I find it is the opposite, the market here is looking for more specialized roles then before. Good luck to you

Collapse -'s not the end of the least not yet

by Why Me Worry? In reply to The Current Status of IT ...

I get tons of these stupid emails every day, usually from bottom feeding idiotic recruiters who do keyword searches and never bother reading a single resume presented to them. I got one such email today seeking a Unix admin, when it clearly stated on my resume that I am Windows/Novell and have absolutelty nothing to do with Unix in any way, shape, or form. Regarding the one man show position, I got a call from a recruiter about such a position at some NYC based financial firm. Basically, they wanted a person who is a Cisco expert (CCIE preferred), server expert, Windows OS expert, Exchange email expert, IIS and HTML expert, SQL DBA, and an applications developer on top of all that. When I asked what the pay was, I was shocked, or more insulted that is, when I found out they were only offering $85K for this suicidal job, which should pay at least $150K if you ask me, given all the responsibilities. I don't know if they will ever find such a sadistic person willing to kill him/herself with so many responsibilities for a measly $85K, but whatever dumbass in HR or hiring manager that came up with such a job description should be shot between the eyes or brought back to reality. If by some act of God they do fill this position, I can certainly guarantee that it will be some H1-B Indian and it won't last very long as anyone will be easily overwhelmed with all this work. Expect this position to turn into a revolving door and never be filled for more than a month at a time and be advertised by every bottom feeding recruiter on the planet.

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Sure you can do it all!

by Dr Dij In reply to The Current Status of IT ...

if you clone yourselves 4 times and train each one differently..

Lets see, Homer Simpson had a 'Magic Hammock' that cloned himself...

Oh, and hey, the pay is in Canadian$, which I think are quite a bit less than US$?

But you have the lovely North Woods!!
(If they haven't clear cut them yet)

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They can dream.

by jtakiwi In reply to The Current Status of IT ...

Pick a line and it is worth 65k at least. Is western canada socialist? Or is the cost of living so low this will seem like market rate?

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Generous Package indeed!

by w2ktechman In reply to The Current Status of IT ...

I mean really, up to $25/hr. That is just about the entire IT dept. Do they offer weekends off???

Geez, I am not looking forward to finding a new job now, when my co. brings out Vista.
I guess it may be time to leave IT altogether....
I will have to ponder on that a bit.

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I am really fond of the "Generous package" Part

by gerberb58 In reply to The Current Status of IT ...

So "generous" that the 25 rubbles are CA.

The person that wrote this requirement needs to take a serious walk on to a busy freeway....blindfolded.

PS, I have full coverage and I do not watch for pedestrians. Road trip anyone?

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Headhunter keeping their own jobs

by onebusonly In reply to The Current Status of IT ...

This is typical of current or ex-headhunters convincing senior management that a potential IT employee (considered an expense, not an asset) should walk on water for a clerk?s wage. They always settle for less. I know - I work with them every day.

The hunter finds weak candidates, talks around the original requirements, places the candidate and collects commission. Pretty cozy.

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And then in about a month..the position is open again..and we start over

by Why Me Worry? In reply to Headhunter keeping their ...

I'm sure you've gotten emails from headhunters about positions that have been open for months if not over a year on end. The reason for this being that the job description wants a "jack of all trades", yet is offering salaries that are less than what most PC techs are making. I also love it when they throw in things like "Must be self starter, able to work in a fast paced environment, must be fluent in both written and spoken English". The last part won't happen because the only fools who will ever apply for or land such jobs are foreigners with H1-B visas because they will work for pennies on the dollar. Regarding the English communication part...that's a whole different topic for discussion in itself.

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I seen one from Electronic Arts, also Western Canada coincidence?

by MikeGall In reply to The Current Status of IT ...

I?ve seen a job posting from electronic arts like this, it was an entry level position. They wanted real time, graphics, physics, OS, direct X and OpenGL, C, Java, assembly. Also debugging and experience through all stages of the developement cycle, and I believe packaging experience. From someone right out of school (post said < 2yrs experience), yeah okay.

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by JamesRL In reply to The Current Status of IT ...

It doesn't say where in BC. If its in a very nice, but low cost of living area, it might be worthwhile even though the pay is on the low side.

If its Vancouver area, its a joke.

But of course the requirements are just plain silly. Even some of my "been a techie for 25 years" types would tell you that you can't do half of those things together and do them all well.

Think of fitting it on the business card: Developer/DBA/Systems Admin/Telecom/Network Admin/desktop support...


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