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The cutest PERSON in the office

By staffordd ·
Tell us about the cutest person in YOUR office (NOT if it's YOU though!!). Go on, you know you want to!

Equal opportunity:

1) What's their name?
2) What do they look like?
3) What's cool about them?
4) Are you in love with them?
5) What makes them so cute / adorable / lovable / beautiful?
6) What would you say to them if you could say anything in the world (keep it clean lads!)?

We all know it happens - number 4) in particular - why not talk about it?

Why do I ask? I'm on a break, and I am curious. Because there aren't any in MY office. So I plan on living vicariously through YOUR answers :-) Imagining what it must be like...

Thank you for your answers. :-)

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Why the over-emphasis on the word...

by NotSoChiGuy In reply to The cutest PERSON in the ...

..."PERSON"?? Expecting a lot of vets to chime in about the cuddly wuddly pug they keep in the office??

As for living vicariously through people's answers...don't get your hopes up. My office could be used as background scenery for the live production of 'Harrison Bergeron'.

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ROFL -- Well, time to jump ship

by The Scummy One In reply to The cutest PERSON in the ...

and go somewhere where there are some -- LOL
Here, there are quite a few

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by KaryDavis In reply to The cutest PERSON in the ...

Her name is Tiffany, but I think she is the cutest person in my office.

1. Everyone calls her Tiffy or Tiffany.

2. She is dark haired, dark eyed, slim and classically beautiful.

3. She is so genuine, totally herself. The guys think she is hot (she is) but she doesn't let her outward appearance affect her in any way. She is fun to talk to and hang out with...I like being around her. We have had numerous heart to hearts and we are more like sisters than co-workers.

4. No...I'm an older (55) straight female in a committed relationship with someone I love dearly. But that doesn't make Tiffy any less cute. Like I said, she's my favorite person because she is so enjoyable to be around.

5. Her beauty shines from within. She is so genuine...aware of other's and their feelings...helpful and someone you can depend on. She is a great friend.

6. Don't change too much as you grow older. You are perfect just as you are now.

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by jck In reply to Tiffy....

if I beg, will ya hook me up with her? :^0

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my submission

by jck In reply to The cutest PERSON in the ...

1) I can't tell you her name.
2) short, blond hair
3) she's sassy!
4) no
5) petite, funny, nice, not a bser
6) i'm pleading the 5th on this one. :^0

So give us YOUR answer please, since you expect it of others.

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Are we channeling Facebook here?

by CharlieSpencer In reply to The cutest PERSON in the ...

If you plan on living vicariously you should start at a web site where people have lives, not with us corporate drones. Try Hugh Hefner's blog.

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Dependable too.

by mjd420nova In reply to The cutest PERSON in the ...

#1. Sally
#2. Tall, six foot ,sparkling blue eyes, strawberry blonde and a ready smile.
#3. Never afraid to go the extra mile when asked and stays until the job is done.
#4. Having been happily married for 39 years, I only have one love.
#5. With a smile for everyone and a love for her job, and an ear for all who wish to vent, she pleases everyone in even the most adverse conditions.
#6. I have told her and profess daily that she is my life saver. After being stopped by the police while driving a recovered stolen vehicle after working hours, she answered the phone, vouched for me, cleared up the oversight and kept me out of jail. A real sweetheart in my book.

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Ah Well...

by The 'G-Man.' In reply to The cutest PERSON in the ...

That is me out then!

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odd post, but...

by Forum Surfer In reply to The cutest PERSON in the ...

She's not in my office exactly, but she is part of the same company.

1. Not your business, buddy
2. My son says "she looks like that girl from the Transformers movie." Yeah, she is that hot!
3. Down to earth, extremely intelligent, open minded, looks like Megan Fox, open and honest, quick witted...the list goes on!
4. Don't know, we just started dating recently. I love her and care about her very much, but being in love is a little different.
5. See #3 Also add tall (5'9"), long dark brunette hair, dark eyes, extremely gorgeous complexion, a wonderful smile that is to die for (inviting, warm yet very devilish), exotic look about her, and how do I put this nicely...naturally equipeD? She's also slim but not too slim since she works out regularly. She actually does amateur modeling. Her contact used her silhouette as a backdrop on a sunset on the beach photo. He says he gets comments all the time. It is on website in order to draw in business. :) It's a partially rainy sunset on the beach, but once you look closely you see her silhouette from behind through the rain drops. Very, very sexy and no I won't link, it's on the web but it is still a privacy thing.
6. See #1 :) But I do say what I want on a daily basis.

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by The 'G-Man.' In reply to odd post, but...

wait till I post her this.

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