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The dangers of VPU overclocking.

By Norehca ·
Recently i found out that my Radeon 9600 XT has a feature called OVERDRIVE that will both overclock and adjust the VPU speed according to the temperature. The OVERDRIVE part i knew, but what i didnt know is that it works with 3rd party software such as PowerStrip (which i use). I have overclocked both the Memory and VPU frequency by 17mhz. I have tested it on several games (DOOM3, Battfield 2142) and it works perfectly fine with no tearing or abnormalities.

On this specific program your allowed to save profiles and easily siwtch them back and forth simply by right clicking on the icon in the task bar and navigating it through the pop-up menu. I currently often switch it to its normal frequency when not playing games.

What I'd like to know is, is it safe to switch back and forth constantly? And even though I am not seeing any abnormailites in my games, is there still a chance i could be slowly damaging my video card even with OVERDRIVE? And my last question; can overclocking your VPU cause slowness or windows hanging?

Any help would be very much appreciated and thank you!

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There's always the danger

by mjd420nova In reply to The dangers of VPU overcl ...

When overclocking any part of your system there is always the danger of the system hanging up or freezing. This is not always the fault of the overclocked part, but the interface chips that handle the control functions between the devices and the CPU. Especially when dealing with memory devices and their software. Constantly switching back and forth could cause these chips to hang up and may even confuse them. Timing is all important, and a switch of speeds could do possible damage. I would suggest that running programs be idled or unloaded before making a switch in speeds, or even better, a reboot to the default speeds before continuing with other functions not requiring the extra speed. I don't see where an increase of 17 Mhz would create any noticable changes in functionality or screen action as it is such a small percentage change. Why risk it??

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Dont overclock

by jinteik In reply to There's always the danger

do yourself a favour, dont overclock.let your hardware last longer...

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But it works!

by Norehca In reply to Dont overclock

See the thing is, 17mhz made a huge difference in FPS! trying to weigh out the variables here...

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