The "Dark Side"........

By Brad Morton ·
Just went through one of those "ugly" break-ups. Before I was aware of the intentions of my now "ex", my computer was completely vulnerable with no safe guards of any kind. I have very strong suspicions of less than honorable activity on my computer such as web cam and IM just for starters. Is there a way of recovering activities such as chat or file transfers via the internet even though they may have been deleted short of professional recovery or third party software?

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No there isn't

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to The "Dark Side"........

And if you are planning on using this as Evidence it will not be admissible either unless you make a formal complaint and leave it in the hands of the Proper Authorities.


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Full-on forensic examination is the only legal way ...

by Old Mycroft's younger brother In reply to No there isn't

Women are best kept at arms length preferably on the other side of a sturdy, strongly-locked door.

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And even then with a Full Forensic Examination

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Full-on forensic examinat ...

Because the alleged Perp has not been in control of the unit there will be no direct proof that they where responsible for placing or deleting anything that may have been altered on the computer.

At best you may only dig a deeper hole for yourself well the OP here at least.

Its probably best to backup your Data wipe the system and reload so that any lingering items get deleted and there is no continuing activity that may prove difficult to explain.


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Let it go Brad

by jdclyde In reply to The "Dark Side"........

you think you want to find evedince of her cheating to rub her nose in, but it doesn't do anyone any good to dwell on it, and you really don't need to know the details of what she was saying/doing.

Been there, done that, won the prize on the top shelf.

As was told to me, the best advice I can give you about revenge is:

"The best revenge you can have is to have a better life without them than you did with them". - Sleeping Dawg.

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