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The Death of Facebook

By JWahl ·
Early in the year, what I personally believed to be a great write up was created, "Let's be honest, Facebook is a badly overpriced photo-sharing and gaming site". Since then I've had countless conversations with friends and even family that were debated to the point of heated or angry responses, and not just online; even my own father utterly disagrees with me on the IPO that starts today, I believe Facebook is going down, and many people will lose their money with it, he thinks the hype will drive the stock up and they'll use it well.

Good or bad investment aside, where can Facebook, a company who's main product to it's users is for informing friends, colleagues and others about how they're doing ever supposed to turn idle chit chat into cash and make that last. At the root of everything isn't the advertising or the pictures, or even whether it's "like AOL", because Facebook is different, the users paid to use AOL and we pay nothing to use Facebook, so if I leave and if I have my pictures somewhere else, and if I have the ability to inform or contact my friends and family elsewhere, which I already do today, I lose nothing from leaving. In AOL, i had to make a monitized decision, not a usefulness one only... I had invested into something with my money, now that is not the case, so I don't care if GM and every single advertiser walks out, it has nothing to do with me.

My question here is quite simple, what does Facebook truly bring to the users and to the advertisers, and now promise to the investors that has any possibility of lasting until even the end of this year. Younger people already have removed a large amount of their time and efforts away from Facebook and exodused over to Twitter. Now I personally hate Twitter, but it's personal and has nothing to do with their business, however I personally think that an Advertiser could make more on a google advertisement than any Facebook ad, simply because I will not, do not and cannot find a single person (not in my company and not in my private life) who has ever gone to Facebook, to buy anything, in fact we haven't even given a time to Zanga who could actually have a case against this argument. Other than that business model, who can make money on Facebook? If you cannot, sooner or later many many more GMs will occur, and when they do, what will that do to the Investors?

It is my opinion, the entire IPO is a way to cash out now, in small bursts, because they all KNOW w/o any doubt, they are going down in flames. The stock is worthless if everything goes down, so it would make complete sense to sell some off now while they can, and make unwise investors bear the heat of a total failure late this year. Still think this idea holds no bearing? 10s of millions of disks, no one buying almost anything on a per person basis, then how can they afford to run so much power, disk, such large data centers, the investors are losing their shirts to keep this thing up. What Profit? I'm curious if we do not find out that much of what is "hidden" in the books is all false on profits, because new investment doesn't actually equal profit, someone somewhere is losing or will lose bad, real bad.

What do you think?

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Facebook's users are the source for any FB profits

by NickNielsen In reply to The Death of Facebook

But only because the users are the product being sold.

As long as Zuckerberg & company don't chase too many people away, they can still sell the ads and make money.

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by cally_laws In reply to The Death of Facebook

I gave face book a miss some months ago as I could see it going down especially when they forced there customers into a time line which I found unacceptable.
I found Zuckerberg a bit of a dictator as when I asked them to revert me back to the original way they refused so I up and deleted my account with them I suggest others do the same

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