The device, <device>, has a bad block ID 7

By LowRyda ·
I am looking at PC for a friend that has stated he is having problems. Trouble booting and transferring files. I firstly backed all his data to an external drive. This is where I first encountered an error ?cannot copy data error cyclic redundancy check? I used CHKDSK to repair bad sectors and then was able to transfer files and kept running it for about a week (no problems) but monitoring the Event Log I notice an error.

I had another drive which I used as data storage device on an older pc which I installed on the same machine and found that when attempting to copy data of this device to an external drive I also encountered the ?cannot copy data error cyclic redundancy check? error (Curiously).

I continued running the machine for a week after updating drivers and running the CHKDSK and have now noticed errors in the Event viewer.
?The device, <device>, has a bad block ID 7?
I notice that these errors were occurring regularly whilst the users was having problems and since I performed the CHKDSK operation there has only been one instance of this.

From what I have googled there seem to be a few possibilities here:
a.)the hdd is fried - on the way out
b.)there is a virus on the PC
c.)Controller / Cable is fried

The HDD is a SATA Western Digital 500gb
OS is XP SP2
2gb RAM
Intel Core 2 Duo E4500
(Sorry I couldn?t be more specific I do not have access to the PC at the moment)

1.)Has anyone encountered this problem before?

2.)Does anyone know where to download a hdd diagnostics tool from
Western Digital

3.)Or has anyone seen a virus with these symptoms ( I found a web page with a case where this had occurred.)

4.)I am curious as to why both HDDs had the redundancy error ( I suppose both could just be fried) Any suggestions?

5.)If a controller is fried how do you identify this, and does this require a MB replacement.

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by LowRyda In reply to The device, <device>, has ...

2.) = I just need the HDD model and I should be able download the diagnostics from WD shouldnt I?

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WD uses a Utility that they call Data Lifeguard

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to 2.)

it's available here

As for testing the Drive you need to test it in the system and then if it fails the test remove just the HDD and test in another computer. If it still fails the test the HDD is shot.

But if it passes the second Test either the HDD Controller on the M'Board, the Data Lead or the Power Supply is shot and needs replacing. You can check the Data Cable by transferring that to the second computer and retesting with the first HDD and if that works I would suggest replacing the PS with a Known Good one. If it still fails you need to replace the M'Board.

Also check that the BIOS has the correct settings in it and that something screwy like the SATA Controller isn't set to Raid.


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A couple of thoughts

by Jacky Howe In reply to The device, <device>, has ...

It maybe just a coincidence that both drives have bad sectors but it's time to backup and replace them. Might be time to replace the Power supply in this System as well.

Try another Sata cable in the same slot and then try it in the next lowest slot.

Here is a link to WD disk test

<a href="" target="_blank"><u>Western Digital</u></a>

Bad Block Recovery

<a href="" target="_blank"><u>BB Recovery</u></a>

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