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The devil

By boxfiddler Moderator ·
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is in the details. I don't think I've ever seen so many questions posted in discussions. And zombies. They're gaining the upper hand.

The way the freakin' page jumps when 'Your discussion may be similar to' pops up is annoying as hell. Hadn't intended to go there, but the page freakin' jumped.

It's patently obvious that TPTB have no clue how we daily users use this place.

For those of us with 'really' bad eyes, this is a glaring monstrosity.

Gods. The world has gone to hell in a handbasket.

Sad. So freaking sad.

(I note the disappearance of the 'Feedback' tag. Goes to show what TPTB think of us.)

There's more, way more. But who the hell cares.
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Who the **** cares?

by NickNielsen In reply to The devil

We do. Did we not, we wouldn't complain.

The silence from the PTB is deafening. I get the feeling nobody is listening...or maybe they're too busy scrambling to do something about it, with the site interactivity stats apparently down significantly over the last month.

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Yes I do.

by seanferd In reply to Who the hell cares?

Never would have bothered saying anything I did, nor editing Tigger's spreadsheet, if I didn't. We can be part of a solution, or we can just complain - but unfortunately, what defines what we are doing isn't up to us. If we are ignored, we are just complaining, as nothing constructive will come of it. It isn't about cheese being moved, and it isn't about me. It's about fundamental usability issues.

Another word: Oracle.

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Been there, done that...

by AnsuGisalas In reply to Yes I do.

I'm not giving up yet, mind you, but I think we've cooperated enormously, guided and prodded and spoken our minds, but at the same time it hits me: All I hear is silence, an occasional "that's a bug" and other than that, some kind of chugging-the-kool-aid "it's better and more social" mantra droning.

We need to know that we are being taken seriously, that there are definite, not possible-to-learn-to-live-with problems with large parts of the new layout.

A little feedback goes a long way.
Silence does not. Silence makes the inmates jumpy.

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I've been singing that song

by Tigger_Two In reply to Been there, done that...

Since the conference call. They need to communicate and even OVER communicate. Not doing so leaves people with the sense that they don't matter.

There is a difference between doing a thing TO a group of people- as has been done here- and doing a thing FOR them- as they wanted us to believe. One way to shape the perception is through communication.

I thought that CBS had learned this lesson from the years they spent on the bottom of the big three back in the day. Or perhaps they have decided that, given the wide array of content avenues, it isn't necessary to hold the heart OR the mind of the end user.

I'm with Seanferd. This isn't about how I personally feel. This is about providing the tools appropriate to what they want to accomplish. They want a more "social" feel- like FaceBook, they have to provide the tools to be more social.

Still, if they think that TR and FB are analogous, they are dead wrong. People want the interactivity of a discussion. That isn't necessarily true in FB world. Increasing the social sense here would have meant implementing the ability to chat in real time outside of the discussions. Instead what they have accomplished is making site navigation as much fun as swimming through thick molasses. Navigation is nearly impossible, no way to find things that you have been involved in, I could go on but you all know the list.

I think that all of us understand that nothing is perfect on launch day. But to refuse to communicate back to us- we who use the site outside of our usual day-to-day (UNLIKE the staff) just tells us that they don't much care. In time we will all stay or go, we will certainly stop with the repeated requests to make the site more functional, and they will get on with their lives. In the process, they will lose the thing that made this site different from Ars Technica or even their own other brands. They will lose the people who have been around for 10+ years. People who cared about the site and each other. It is all really sad, to be honest.

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True that

by Tink! In reply to I've been singing that so ...

The only thing I do the expandable thread format. Everything else was better the way it was before.

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I Agree with all of what you said

by cmiller5400 In reply to I've been singing that so ...

I've been around for 10+ years as well. I used "My Stuff" extensively to track what I said and where I said it. Now with water cooler stuff not showing up (last I looked) it's hard to mentally keep track of which discussions I have posted in.

I know I haven't been around as much lately, because I'm hoping they work out some of the "bugs" before I call it quits.

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I haven't been around for 10+ years,

by jfuller05 In reply to I've been singing that so ...

but TR felt like a home away from just in the last year or so that I've been on. I haven't always been the most vocal poster, but I feel like I've gotten to know people and now TR just doesn't seem the same. That feeling comes from the navigation issues. It's so hard to follow any discussion now that I don't even want to participate. I still visit just to see if the TR developer team is listening to us; the regulars that actually use TR 5 to 7 days a week.

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So... who has some bandwidth we can crash?

by AnsuGisalas In reply to The devil

I mean, this is about the time when the rats do their thing - right?

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Indeed, Watson.

by seanferd In reply to The devil

Oh. I thought you were going somewhere else with that.

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Thats not the only place it jumps

by AV . In reply to The devil

When you click the view more on the main discussions page, it goes to expanded mode and looks totally different. I find that confusing. It has no continuity in design.

On my screen, 1280 x 1024 resolution, the related tags has a menu overlayed on top of it so you can't read either one. I'm not sure if other people have that issue, but I do.

I know what you mean about how the page jumps in "Your discussion may be similar". It makes me jump too. Its startling because its so fast. Weird. I tried to post a couple of new discussions yesterday and they went out into the oort cloud never to be seen again. I thought I did it right. I chose off-topic as a tag. I dunno. Never had this problem before.

Esthetically speaking, I'd say it looks pretty at first glance, but I don't care for the bunch of boxes on a page look. They blend in together when you look at it and it makes it hard on the eyes. They have too much whitespace on the sides and nothing between the actual discussion and the other column with Hot Discussions, Hot Questions and Hot users (whoops, I mean Power Users).

I always thought that TR was pretty responsive to the minions here in the past, but I'm surprised now at their silence. How could it be that CBS Interactive isn't interacting? OK, I'm being sarcastic, but I can't help it.

Yes, we're going to **** in a handbasket, but maybe we can change that if we all yell loud enough.


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