the difference between vista and win7

By littlehenry ·
what the difference of the disk management between vista and win7? Are they same or not?
Does vista has the funtion of extending or shrinking the partition?

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Essentially the Same

by willcomp In reply to the difference between vi ...

As best I can tell, there is no difference. Yes, Vista can shrink and expand partitions. Methodology is identical to Win7.

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related question

by littlehenry In reply to Essentially the Same

well, thank you for the answer. Are their disk management function different? or in other words, if Win7 has more functions in its disk management?

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What Part

by willcomp In reply to related question

of no difference wasn't clear?

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almost same but still different

by strong2011 In reply to the difference between vi ...

the functions of the disk management in vista and win7 are almost same. But win7 has several more functions: win7 ultimate version can support creating mirror volumn while vista cannot; win7 can create VHD while vista cannot.
The above is what i know.

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