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The dimension of a new roaming profile server(s) on MS Server 2003 R2?

By carl_leegaard ·

On my work we have a MS Server 2003 SP2 server, where all the user roaming profiles is placed on.

The size we talk about are the following:

- 1 profile map (to the roaming profiles on 721 GB).

- The profile map contains 4986 roaming profiles, with a total size of about 6-8 millions files.

- When our current solutions was installed, it was not configured with disk quotas, so the users have (in theory) unlimited disk space available.

Because of the demanding I/O load of the server when more than 1000 users logon/logoff at the same time, the time demanding backup of so many small files and the realtime antivirus scanning of the folders and files, the time has come to make another solution.

I would like to hear if somebody out there has any experience with this and what they have done in their roaming profile environment, to secure a stable and fast logon/logoff for their users and backup and antivirus scanning?

I have thought about making a setup with 4 new MS Server 2003 R2 SP2 servers, place the 12 different departments the users belongs to, so there are 1000 user profiles on 1 server and about 1-2 millions files in the profile folder.

Then I would activate the qouta on the NTFS share and configure this to 200 MB, but where it not limits the growth if the users profil growth beyond this size.

Last I would use a GPO to move the profiles to the new file server, so the users get moved at lumps
Of 50-75 users at a time and let the GPO arrange the moving of the data, instead of a robocopy where you would get into trouble if you have identical filenames or files that are in use.

Am I missing something? What do you have of experience in this area?

Kind regards,

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