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The Dominion of Nodice- Where technology goes to die

After nearly two decades, what I considered merely coincidence has become something more- my dominion has become a place where technology goes to die. There are two reasons for this.

First, almost everything I have has already been used extensively by others, meaning that most of my technological possessions have passed their prime functioning years. All new technology within my possession is also used extensively (though in this case by me) and eventually reaches the same status as the used technology.

Second, though careful maintenance keeps my technology running as long as possible, age eventually defeats my efforts. All I can do then is give the device its last rites.

For example: The computer moniter which served as my faithful backup for almost a decade (it missed the decade mark by two months) has just died last Thursday. (Rest in Peace)

My dominion is filled with the things of the past (technology and otherwise), that have already died or are in the process of dying.

Which brings me finally to my true purpose on this day, July 7, 2008.

1. Is your dominion a place where tech goes to die? If not, do you know anyone who has such an dominion?

2. What does one do with thing that have long since served their purpose but are too precious to you to give up?

who has two non-functioning PS2s (one can't read and the other won't read- discs that is)

edited to change date above from 2007 to 2008 (apparently I'm still stuck in the past)

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Conception to death...

by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to The Dominion of Nodice- W ...

the state of all matter.

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Forget not rebirth,

for that too is part of the state of all matter. (Of course, one may rightfully argue that rebirth qualifies as conception, but that is beyond the point.)

who shall forever remember the fallen (forever meaning as long as I am capable of remembering anything).

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by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to Forget not rebirth,

conception and birth are 2 different things, how then can one 'rightfully argue' that 'rebirth qualifies as conception'?

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To answer this question properly,

I must first ask this: Which definition of conception and birth are you using? (Not an insult, simplying clarifying differing viewpoints)

The definitions I use come the American Heritage Dictionary, Second College Edition:

birth: 2. A beginning; origin.
conception: 2. A beginning; start.

(Before you ask, the first definitions of both terms were different. However, the second definitions of both terms are almost identical, meaning that in at least one sense they can be viewed as the same thing.)

And here's rebirth, as defined by the previously mentioned dictionary:

rebirth: 1. a second or new birth.

(The second definition listed within the dictionary is irrelevant to this topic and is therefore not listed above.)


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As we are speaking in terms of matter...

by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to If...

physical existence if you will, conception precedes birth. That which is not first conceived, is not born.

Furthermore, there is no guarantee that conception will result in birth.

First definitions are first for a reason.

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Point taken,

though the first definition of conception in the previously mentioned dictionary dealt solely with the biological aspect (you'll have to guess what I mean here because my mind will not allow me to explain further), which is too narrow our purposes. The first definition of birth, "the act of being born," was also pointless. And if the first definition of something is unusable, one must go to the next.

I'll end with this: if birth follows and is dependent upon conception, then does rebirth, which was defined as a new or second birth, necessarily follow and be dependent upon a second conception?

(Take note that I rescind the poorly thought out statement that started this in the first place. Still, I would appreciate a reply to the above question anyway.)

(insert typical Nodice text here)

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Outside of religion...

by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to Point taken,

is rebirth a realistic notion?

"I'll end with this: if birth follows and is dependent upon conception, then does rebirth, which was defined as a new or second birth, necessarily follow and be dependent upon a second conception?"

My answer: not necessarily. If conception does not guarantee birth in the first instance, it is unlikely to do so in the second. The inverse, that which is born must be first be conceived, is where necessity abides.

Necessity functions in a forward, therefore linear, fashion (that may be put badly but will suffice). Beginning to end, end may (or may not) come before birth.

That Beginning has End is the necessity, to the finite at any rate.


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You are a character, for sure, Nodice...

by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to As we are speaking in ter ...

I will be back to answer in a bit.

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Operative word: Dominion

by santeewelding In reply to The Dominion of Nodice- W ...

Which Nodice fills with things.

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