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The e-commerce thing - what dev tools?

By keith.mitchell ·
Our business runs off of our AS/400. We are looking at letting our 40,000 customers access their accounts over the Internet. Our small shop is all RPG III programmers right now. We started looking at a path to follow to get web-enabled. There seem to be a lot of choices. I do not want to pick some cheesy, screen-scraping, "turn-your-RPG-code-into-hot-web-pages" tool. I want a serious, long-term development environment that leverages our RPG foundation. I prefer not to learn too much Java, CGI and such, unless that is truly the best strategic choice for a company that wants to develop their own software for the Web. Should we even use the AS/400 as our web server, or use a PC platform with ODBC interface to our AS/400 database? I'dlike to hear what others who have been down this path have experienced.

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Hello from a fellow AS/400 enthusiast

by Al Macintyre In reply to The e-commerce thing - wh ...

TR is not the optimum site for AS/400 folks.

You should hang out at MIDRANGE DOT COM & pick up the e-commerce/400 list run by Ignite/400, join the MIDRANGE_L list of general 400 Q+A & perhaps relevant list for your package.

AS/400 can do anything you can do on PC based products, although due to specialization of AS/400 models, you may be better off having one AS/400 for your web serving & another for your base applications, with both of them talking to each other.

I am an RPG/400 programmer. I do not believe LANSA or SEAGULL are screen scrapers ... they take your RPG source code & turn it into JAVA or CGI or whatever web code you want & the users have really slick looking web browser enabled access to your data, with whatever level of security you want to add to the package.

They are TOOLS like PDM is a TOOL to take source code & deliver whatever you want.

You do not need to learn JAVA, let the TOOLS compile the code in JAVA.

http://www.lansa.com then click on Show case to see web sites powered by AS/400 using LANSA ... do they look cheesy to you ... most people would not know they powered by AS/400 if we not tell them.

http://www.erros.co.uk/ is an alternative to programming & this is also on an AS/400.

I can cite more sites but this will get you started.

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As for e-commerce

by Al Macintyre In reply to The e-commerce thing - wh ...

Sign up for the eCommerce Discussion List for free at:


Also check their archives ... tons of links to all kinds of development tools ... recent posts by me & others on the topic of the quest for quality software.

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Thank you

by keith.mitchell In reply to As for e-commerce

Thanks for the tips, Al. Yeah, I just joined the Tech Republic board and, for some reason I cannot recall, was under the impression that it was sponsored by IBM. By yesterday afternoon I was beginning to realize that I was wrong! I'm still trying to figure out what these folks are selling.
The information you provided is very helpful. We need to start narrowing our search soon, and this gives us some confidence that we are not wasting our time on some of these products.

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What are these folks selling?

by Al Macintyre In reply to Thank you

Given the mass rebellion against advertising on web sites, I cannot believe that folks who know anything about resources for their chosen platform are going to buy enough for this advertising to pay for the site, which means that there must be a lotof hopeful marketers that many computer sites are run by unqualified people.

TR Republic is sponsored by the Gartner Group which is in the White Paper & Consultant Biz but the effort they have made here to support this is all out of proportion toany sense I get out of the marketing benefits to them. I can understand comparable sites at the AS/400 trade press ... they bring together a community of free spirits interested in what they have to offer & periodically being exposed to relevant advertising.

I am currently on the AS/400 Network which costs my employer $200.00 per year. I think it is worth the price but the value is declining ... I figure we probably only got $20,000.00 value out of it last year, as compared to priceless millions of dollar value out of it in prior years.

I do not believe TR is good enough yet that they could get people via $$$.

If you are cynical, perhaps they have some way of reviewing who doing what beyone the hokey peer scoring which I think is based on flawed systems, so as to have a pool of talent that perhaps can be asked to help out as the consultancy needs more talent.

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Amen to that

by keith.mitchell In reply to What are these folks sell ...

Just returned from a 6-day trip, but wanted you to know that I saw your post and agree wholeheartedly. I've spent less than an hour on this site altogether, but so far I do not see this idea lasting long. Still, I appreciate their effort to bring volunteer "experts" together to help each other solve problems. We'll see...

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