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The Education Scam and The Cult of the Disenfranchised...

By Matthew Moran ·
The Education Scam message appeared on another forum. I replied then after thinking about it, blogged the topic yesterday.

Not specific point by point but the underlying concept of the myriad of similar articles, postings, musings, etc.

If nothing else, you might like the picture of the Pastoral Board for The Cult of the Disenfranchised


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by JamesRL In reply to The Education Scam and Th ...

I recall a seminar on the value of a Bachelor of Arts in the early 80s. This was a time when I was in the process of earning mine. The main point was that while unlike other degrees, a BA was no huge stepping stone to a job, it had an intrinic value of its own. And of course statistically you were better off with one than without.

No degree guarentees success. Some of those who achieve a degree lack some of the other skills required to succeed. Many IT grads in the last 5 years whine about the lack of jobs. Some of us old folks remember earlier recessions. I left IT for stock brokerage in late 86, a year later the market was flooded with unemployed brokers and I left the industry. I've seen people take a two year technical course only to see the technology change so much over those two years that their training was worthless.

There are no guarentees in life. You have to look hard for the great opportunities, in good times and in bad.


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I agree

by TonytheTiger In reply to The Education Scam and Th ...

It's not the college education per se that leads to higher earnings, it is the mentality that drove that person to seek the education... or as I replied in the other thread, Work Ethic.

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