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The effect of searching pornography online??

By danny_siang ·
i ask about something information are related to this topic...

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Be very, very careful ...

by jardinier In reply to The effect of searching p ...

The Internet Porn industry is all about making money. Some websites will download all kinds of stuff into your computer which you can't get rid of.

If you do download and install any adult material, check to see if it is listed in "Add/Remove Programs." If you find a program troublesome, and start to delete it manually, you will be unsuccessful.

My best advice is to buy computer magazines which list recommended sites in various categories. This way you will at least know that the site has been checked out.

As I said earlier, it is all about making money. If you have accessed adult sites, you will notice that screen after screen pops up. This is because the porn-producers collaborate so that if you visit a particular site, you will be redirected to site after site, as each one is a "hit" and hence earns money for the webmaster.

A usefull hint: If you do experience multiple screens, press Alt + F4 and one by one the screens will close. However these people are so tricky it is best to keep clear of them altogether.

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so true

by mungujakisa In reply to Be very, very careful ...

In addition to 's comment, I'd like to add that Internet porn is another avenue of viruses. This is because on installing some of those programs, several other ports are opened, and these download upgrades and stuff like that. Viruses can take advantage of these vulnerabilities.
In addition, I'd like to voice my opinion that porn is just another junk on the Internet. These stuff are meant to be in bedrooms, not out in public places like the Internet. So, put your morality before all else, before you think of thinking of surfing for adult material...
and I echo the cry...

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adult material

by john_wills In reply to Be very, very careful ...

I find it odd that jul646 - who is not alone - counts as "adult" material mainly of interest to sex-crazed adolescents and people who have never grown up psychosexually. Partial Differential Equations are truly adult fare, as are patristics, nuclear physics, etc.

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Keep it simple and plain: answer the qn!

by mungujakisa In reply to adult material

john_wills is trying to just broaden and complicate this. You very well know what jul646 is talking about. I hope you are not in favour of the porn industry as your reply inclines toward it. As a certified proffesional, I agree with Julia. I used to surf some porn sites, till I managed to harvest a number of trojans on refusing to sign up for their "free" newsletters and stuff. That's why I quit. They just want money. give it to them, you are ok; don't, they'll install all kind of junk in your pc.
still, be careful, o ye who surf for porn! I'd advise that you have a firewall handy in case you insist on going to those sites.
God bless you all.

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