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    The Effective Management of IT in West Africa – A Problem Under-estimated


    by kesseleejay ·

    The effective management of Information Technology (IT) in West Africa especially countries like Liberia, where I originally come form has been the cause of many IT projects in both private and public sectors failing and not achieving their actual outcomes or targets.

    These failures can be attributed to some of the issues listed below.

    1. Countries such as Liberia and organisations in these countries not having a comprehensive ICT policy that serves as a basis or guide for the development, implementation and management of IT to achieve the desire results from IT

    2. The development and management of security policies and strategies to ensure the data or information are fully protection form its creation to its retirement

    3. The inclusion of gender sensitive issues and/or genderisation of IT to ensure women play an important role in the development, implementation and management of IT in their countries or communities or even in their organisations and homes

    4. The setup of autonomous bureaus responsible for setting standards and addressing IT compliance and governance issues as well as being that institution that will ensure IT forms part of the developmental objectives of the society and put in place structures and strategies that will ensure IT provides the necessary support and services to the societies, countries, communities, businesses and/or organisations.

    The reasons above coupled with extensive training and awareness programs can help shape the way IT can help in enabling countries and organisations in this sub-region of Africa.

    Until these can be addressed, it would be very difficult to have IT play the right role it needs to play to ensure the maximum outcome from IT projects.

    A Discussion by Jay Kesselee Fatormah

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