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The end of Windows as we know it?

By RknRlKid ·
"LOS ANGELES ? Research firm Gartner Inc. (IT) turned soothsayer on Wednesday by predicting that Windows Vista will be the last big release of Microsoft Corp.'s (MSFT) Windows operating system."

I was surprised when I read the article this came from. What does anyone else think? Gartner is alleged to be predicting that instead of shipping a new product out in a few years, Vista will be incrementally upgraded periodically, and there will be no new versions of Windows, just upgraded/updated Vista.

My experience with Microsoft products has been just that: Microsoft makes products. I cannot conceive of them not making a new product, but supporting the same product for years. It seems like its against their own rules. Their business cycle has seemed to hinge on the releasing of a new product line every few years.

If MS does this, its not a complaint, it just seems odd based on their past behavior. In fact, one of my (many) complaints about them was that they never seemed to have a stabilized product, but always released something completely different every few years. Maybe they are listening to our complaints, after all. A stable, never changing Windows would also stabilize other markets, such as hardware and application software. So there would be other benefits too.

Many of you are better qualified to comment than I am. What's your take on this?

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Microsoft would lose too much money on tech book sales

by stress junkie In reply to The end of Windows as we ...

Imagine if we didn't have to learn a new way to boot into safe mode with every new Microsoft operating system release. Imagine if Microsoft didn't scramble the Control Panel with every new operating system. Our experience would be worth more than it currently is worth. We wouldn't have to purchase new books just to relearn the new way of doing the same old things. I think that Microsoft makes too much money on printing new tech books and creating new certification tests for each operating system for them to give up this approach.

I have to put this prediction in the same list as other predictions like "We will all be running thin clients in a year." and "Businesses will store all of their corporate data at central data storage providers soon." and "Desktop computers will make centralized servers obsolete by 1993." and so on and so on. The one thing that you can count on regarding predictions of the computer industry's future is that all of the predictions are full of poop.

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Well it's Gartner isn't it

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to The end of Windows as we ...

nuff said, tossers.

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by NickNielsen In reply to The end of Windows as we ...

This is Gartner, the National Enquirer of IT consultants.

I don't think M$ could possibly make that change without a scandal resulting in complete restructuring at the top (i.e. Bill & Ballmer both gone under a cloud).

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