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The Everyday Life of an IMO.

By baketown83 ·
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Life as an IMO

by baketown83 In reply to The Everyday Life of an I ...

First let me start off with a little bit about me. I have 2 1/2 years of training and expierence in the IT world, so I am pretty new. I love the IT world. I really take my job to heart. I love to train on new things. Just recently I have been given an oppurtunity to train on Web Server Administration. I happily and eagerly accepted the job. What I want to focus on though, is the daily life of being a IT Tech.<br /><br />I am one of the IMO's on my network. We stem off of a fairly large domain that has strict rules and regulations about how we must manage our network and the machines on the network. With all that said I can say that my job is a very busy one. Especially because the users that are on the network are not all IT people. Actually many dont know anything about computers accept how to get on and open applications. They have no idea of the stuff that goes on "behind the curtain." When I say behind the curtain I am refering to the daily things that my fellow workers and I must do to maintain the network.<br /><br />My job consist of being a help desk, a repair man, a trouble shooter, an installer, an updater, and the list could go on and on. But despite all that I love it. The sad thing is that many of the people I work with do not have the same love I have for the job. Yeah, you might be thinking ok then they need to be fired or replaced or something like that. But, its not that simple. You see, I am in the military, so they cant just fire somebody, and they could take disciplinary actions but you can only make someone do so much. So if I had co-workers who were highly motivated then the job would be much easier.<br /><br />We work 8 hour shift that run 24/7. With one day off a week. But as I get more and more into work and learning my job, I find that more and more I must go in after hours in order to do many of the tasks that need to be complete. Let me give you an example. Of course we have virus protection. Well, as you know the virus protection must be updated constantly in order to stay up to date with the latest definition to protect our network. Well, one section of our network is located in a totally different building. This building has needed to be updated for a little over a week. And the updates being pushed from higher up do not always take. So somebody must go over there and check out all the computers. Well the job keeps getting ignored and passed down. This is aggrivating as ****, so I took initiative to come in early this morning and go over there and check it out. Plus I had to run a new cable from the switch to a office so that a user could work in there and access the network, but when I got done with the cable and checked a few computers I noticed that they were in desperate need of updating and it was around about the time were everyone was starting to roll into work with their coffee in one hand and attitudes in the next.<br /><br />Of course they did not want me in there at that time. No, no, they are much to busy to worry about updates now, come back later they say. So I respectfully let them know that if they do not get the updates soon there computer could be disabled and they wont be able to access the domain. And you must understand that if this happens there is a really big process that goes into it to get it back on the domain. So big that, that is all I am going to say so that I dont loose track of what I want to say. Ummmm.... oh yeah, ok so after I tell them this they still tell me to come back. Well, by this time I am kinda pissed because I really need to get those computers updated and I cant, and then on top of that I cant rely on most of my co-workers to do it. So I went to my supervisor and asked him if he could make sure that they leave that building open and all the offices in it so that I could come back in the evening when everyone is gone and square that place away. Of course he said ok.<br /><br />So, here I am now typing this message to vent a little and to see if everyone else expierences similar things at their work place. You know, like the attitudes of people, like when you want to fix something it is not a priority but when they come to you all of a sudden now you must do it now. I think that is BS!! When I come to help and you turn me around then dont expect that I am going to be in a rush to help when you come to me. But you know what, in situations like that I just assume the better person role and go on ahead and fix what it is they bring to me. I think its becaue I love the job so much.<br /><br />Well, let me conclude here, oh and by the way, if I go into work and the building is locked up and my supervisor forgot, I will be posting another blog. Maybe I will name it, Jack @ss's at my work, or something like that. :)

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