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    by cachifox ·

    IT- Slashes the world today, uncontrolled development and upgrading programs by the software companies aiming to reach their goals on the upcoming years. Messages and other sources of information touch to the hand of individual immediately. It serves as a transparent reaction of the people, where they can express freely their heartache to their government, companies and etc.. through discussions, comments, suggestion and reaction both Bad or Good. The image of world would be seen from earth to space as NASA have lunch there competition for Space Elevator.

    Many Telephone companies around the world loss their financial stability due to Free calls over the internet. Telegrams & Postage Letter have been overlapped by Email. Unknown people will be known, Medium size companies have developed through Electronic Advertisement, Education will be easy to cheat.

    These are just among many developments of the Technology, however if we will scrutinize deeply these things, how far can we go to our technology?, Do we need this technology?, Do we need easy life by means of new technology? That tomorrow may be computer will answer these questions.

    In a recent report from US politicians urge President Bush to control the use of Web, is this possible?, the existence of Technology is uncontrolled and unstoppable

    To all of us, as IT Professional would these things be possible?

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      Which planet is this you are talking about

      by tony hopkinson ·


      Cheat at education, sure, but what have you gained every success devalues the thing you have ‘worked’ to get.

      No computer as we currently ‘know’ them will ever answer a question, to do that you have to be able to ask one.

      I’m sure the advertising industry can come up with a mass of statistics about how valuable advertising is, aside from ‘Sale now on’ it leaves me completely unmoved, goddamn parasites.

      Media is what provides information about the world and that’s rigidly controlled by a surprisingly small number of companies. BLOGs etc are sort of electronic word of mouth, only used by people who are listening. Others survive on politically biased sound bites of commercial value reapeatedly dropped on their limited awareness in the vain hope that one of them might not bounce off (see advertising).

      The idea of a space elevator was raised(tee hee) decades ago, the bureaucracy that is NASA, just found it at the bottom of the inbox on a slow day at the office. If they do get it off the ground though, I’ll be going up on it,

      Do we need this technology yes, but we need to use it, not let it be used to use us.

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