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      IT- Slashes the world today, uncontrolled development and upgrading programs by the software companies aiming to reach their goals on the upcoming years. Messages and other sources of information touch to the hand of individual immediately. It serves as a transparent reaction of the people, where they can express freely their heartache to their government, companies and etc.. through discussions, comments, suggestion and reaction both Bad or Good. The image of world would be seen from earth to space as NASA have lunch there competition for Space Elevator.


      Many Telephone companies around the world loss their financial stability due to Free calls over the internet. Telegrams & Postage Letter have been overlapped by Email. Unknown people will be known, Medium size companies have developed through Electronic Advertisement, Education will be easy to cheat.


      These are just among many developments of the Technology, however if we will scrutinize deeply these things, how far can we go to our technology?, Do we need this technology?, Do we need easy life by means of new technology? That tomorrow may be computer will answer these questions.


      In a recent report from US politicians urge President Bush to control the use of Web, is this possible?, the existence of Technology is uncontrolled and unstoppable


      To all of us, as IT Professional would these things be possible?

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      The Impact of Technology to Young Generation

      by cachifox ·


       Every educational institute both private and public integrate computer as part of the learning process in any course and any level of education that aims to participate a so-called ?Globalization?. Religious group have their own online pages to spearheads the message of God which is against the prophesy.

      IT, Computer Engineers, Computer Programmers do their best efforts, integrating strategy and methods to manipulates and systematize the codes in the development of the programs as well as participating themselves to compete in computerized world.

      We could not deny however, the facts that there are advantages and disadvantages embodied in Technology in general. Let me emphasize one (1) ?The Internet? which is part of the technology and where, its deliver information through out the world but there are such uncontrolled issue as Fraud, Gambling, Pornographic or Cyber-sex this are just among many illegal activities happened in Internet.

      What are the advantages, it can help people on there research, we can communicate our relatives in other area of the world in replacement with other communication facilities, we can use to express ourselves freely, the companies increase there sales through online shopping, we can select professional and skilled worker, we can share our ideas through discussion, we can get a degree through distance education and we can even look for a job, in general Internet is very informative, in which it is the major objective of its existence.

      Please don?t misinterpret my statements as I am just trying to focus and elaborate the situation of Internet as a major issue of why our society today become the open world down to the young generation to the extend that they can even see and learn the enigmatic and sarcasm form of behavior.

      I have no any objection in Internet, however our major concern here was the young generation, the children which affect to their day to day?s life style and characteristic whom some are suppose to be inside the classroom yet they are in caf??s chatting, online gaming, some are doing research but at the end they?re watching pornography and others are in Arcade, ?this is Technology?. This thing have been known and seen by older, educator, parents and government as well, but yet still neglected or we can say also unseen.

      The very point of the question is who should be the one to blame? We or Technology?.

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        The Impact of Technology to Young Generation

        by jzajac2 ·

        In reply to The Impact of Technology to Young Generation

        Maybe the IT world should claim the social responsability… but ultimately, I don’t think that the whistle should be blown at us. The Internet/Technology implementation had a morally sound basis– it was in fact a good deed, but who is to judge a good deed by the outcome?


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