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The fan of CPU & Power Supply unit spin erratically

By wxluvus ·

Recently, I bought the following hardware components in order to upgrade my old computer;
Intel E6300 Core 2 Duo Processor (Retail version)
Gigabyte GA-965P-DS3 Motherboard
OCZ 2GB Kit DDr2-800MHz
Ultra Platinum 550W Power Supply (SLI Ready)
Westrern Digital 250GB SATA II 7200RPM Internal Hard Drive

After installing all the above items in the computer case, I tried to power it up for the first time. Unfortunately, the fan of the CPU and power supply began to spin for approximately a few seconds, slowed down, stopped and began to spin again. It went into a loop process.

After speaking to the technical support of Gigabyte, I removed the system board, CPU and its fan out of the case. The fan ran steadlily without stopping if I only connected the system board to the power supply alone without the CPU and its heat sink/fan. The problem re-emerged after I installed the CPU.

Therefore, it seems like the CPU socket on the motherboard or the CPU itself might be the cause. I replaced the motherboard with MSI 975X Platinum, I replaced the power supply with ThermalTake 500W PS unit. Problem persists.

It seems like the CPu itself is the problem now but I hate to go out and buy a new processor for the sake of confirmation due to the return policy for CPU. I wonder did anybody experience this type of problem before and might be able to offer me some ideas. Personally, I dislike the LGA775 socket design since the pins on the socket could be damaged easily.

Your opinion is greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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by wcp In reply to The fan of CPU & Power Su ...

Probable cause is either the CPU fan or CPU.

1. CPU fan ? Make sure the CPU fan (without the CPU) is connected to the right connector on the motherboard and see if all fans turn without any problem. If there is, replace the CPU fan.

2. CPU ? Check if the socket got damaged. There is only one way the CPU must be installed. Refer to the manual for the right orientation. If the CPU fan issue got resolved and the CPU and the fan had been installed correctly, the cause was the CPU, which must be replaced.

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by donmars In reply to The fan of CPU & Power Su ...

Well one thing jumps out at me and it's only an educated guess. That may not be a problem but some "green" power save feature in the bios. Laptops will do that, the fan will speed up and slow down even cut off depending on the temp of the system. Did you check BIOS settings for something related to power save features? The particular feature would need the CPU to drive it since it is probably more related to CPU temp. Check BIOS setup, you may be able to disable it. Disable any power save features and see if it stops. Also in the BIOS setup there is a diagnostic that monitors Fan speed, CPU temp, chassis temp and so on. Open that and watch the CPU and Chassis temp. When the fan stops or slow down the temp rises, you should see the RPM of the fans displayed, does the fan come on full at some temp? Then you will see the temp fall. See if this on/off behavior is related to rise and fall of cpu and/or chassis temp.

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by donmars In reply to

Oh by the way that board of yours, Gigabyte GA-965P-DS3 Motherboard, has a feature called "CPU Smart Fan Control" I believe this is your answer. Fan spins or slows down according to needs! See this link and look under H/W monitoring.

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by wxluvus In reply to The fan of CPU & Power Su ...

Thank you for all your feedbacks so far. I need to inform you all that the system would not even POST and no error beep whatsoever. I am aware that the CPU fans might stop and spin again depends on the BIOS feature of the motherboard. However, I doubt the fan of the power supply will display the same erratic issue though. Thanks. Please respond.

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by wxluvus In reply to The fan of CPU & Power Su ...

Both CPU's and power supply unit's fan ran steadily wihtout the processor installed. Once the processor installed, the problem re-occurred. Now, I believe it is either the CPU socket or CPU itself is the root cause of the issue here. But since I had replaced the motherboard before, all arrows point to the CPU. I always thought CPU itself is the least likely cause. In addition, I think the LGA775 socket is poorly design. Please help. Thanks.

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to The fan of CPU & Power Su ...

The 775 CPU are piratically impossible to fit the wrong way there are to tabs in the socket that allow the CPU to slide in and sit properly before locking it into place. I've used plenty of these M'Boards & CPU's without a single problem and the 775 CPU don't have any pins on them that can get bent this is a massive improvement over the older style sockets that Intel used.

What I would suggest is that you assemble the CPU/Heat Sink Fan, RAM and Plug in the PS both plugs on the M'Board box and use either a old switch to start the unit up or you can short out the necessary pins with a screwdriver blade to start the unit running. I never assemble a system before testing it I always run them out of the case on a anti static surface so I know what's going on. There have been a few occasions when I've run into sticking Reset Buttons which are jammed in the On position so that the computer constantly cycles through a Power on Power Off situation. When you test the M'Board CPU Video Card & Ram the worst thing is to connect up all the front panel connectors you don't need LED's to light up or even a Power On Switch you just want to see if the M'Board POST's and setup the BIOS at the same time. If it doesn't work when it's in the Case you know that you have a problem with the case that needs attention.

I've used well over several K of these CPU's and yet to have a bad one but there is always the possibility of this happening but I would be looking at the front panel connectors and switches first before I even started looking at the CPU.

Incidentally I got a New Build brought in to me for repair as the person who owned & built it somehow managed to get the CPU in wrong when I refitted the CPU correctly it just worked without a problem and there was no damage to either the Socket or CPU.


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by fungus-among-us In reply to The fan of CPU & Power Su ...

It does sound like CPU issue to me as well. The Gigabyte and MSI mobos you've listed are both "CONROE" ready out of the box (no BIOS flash needed), but the Gigabyte DS3 has had a bad run (initial shipments) over at newegg and other e-tailers.

Not sure what restocking policy you are referring to (conditions), but what other choice do you have? There were people who (prior to Core 2 Duo's release) wanted to keep their 775, but get a new Conroe as soon as they were available. These people promptly sold their CPU's to have funds available for the new Conroes. When the conroes arrived, many had to buy lowly celerons, just so their systems would POST/BOOT, so they could flash their BIOSes, and then stuck the Conroes in place.

Depending on the restocking fee/return fee (flat price or percentage of original merchandise cost)
Maybe you may want to do the same. Buy a lowly celeron, just to make sure the rest of your system works. Return the celeron (restock fee) after you have verified the rest of the system is fine and the problem IS the Conroe.

Good Luck

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by dave In reply to The fan of CPU & Power Su ...

I had the same issues with a Pentium d 945 and the 965P- DS3 and DQ6 no life from the board at all.

Are you using a 2x4 12v rail with a 24pin main psu connector?

Unfortunately, I am still in the dark after 4 boards 3 different types of ram and 2 cpus. all work in a 945P board but nada from ths DQ6 or DS3

If you take the cpu out and keep the fan in and power on do the fans keep on?

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by wxluvus In reply to The fan of CPU & Power Su ...

Hi Dave,

It is a 12V+/- 24-pin power supply. Two days ago, I went to a local distributor and bought another set of identical CPU and motherboard. The fan of the power supply and CPU ran fine. However, I just discover the OCZ RAM I have is not quite compatible with my motherboard. I will be buying a cheaper RAM, flash the BIOS with latest F4 version, use Ctrl-F1 key to change the timing of the RAM and voltage supply to 2.1V before testing the POST again with my OCZ RAM. If this set works fine, I will be interchanging the CPU and motherboard between the old and new set to determine which component is bad for sure. Thanks. It seems like a lot of people are having problem with 965/975 chipset working with certain motherboard and OCZ DDR2 RAM. Go to for more information.

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by wxluvus In reply to The fan of CPU & Power Su ...


It turned out the problem was caused by my OCZ memory modules! There is a incompatibilities issue between OCZ and this motherboard.

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