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The final Goal of business

By alvarocervantes ·
The final goal of businesses is money, and the goal of home computer usage is the same thing.
The problem: buying software too often for Windows platform that drains our pocket.
Why: every windows version is different and is not backword compatible (the Longhorn is coming with a totally different file system).
Linux in the long run might be a better option, even if we have to retrain, since we do not have to buy applications all the time. me functionallity and aconomics it what will drive the Linux software acceptance; hopefully managers get smarter, stop sucking investor's money, and start using reusable and more efficient software.

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by road-dog In reply to The final Goal of busines ...

of computer users barely know Windows. Successive versions of Windows are designed to be simpler and more automated. The fact that AOL is still in business indicates that many computer users have no inclination or ability to improve their skillset.
Linux does have its advantages, but all thigs considered, the market isn't anywhere near the software availability "critical mass" that will launch Linux as a serious competitor to Microsoft for market share.

I suspect that Linux and Apple willcontinue as refuges from Bill Gates, but not make serious inroads until something truly innovative alters the market in a big way.

I think that your assertion that the home computers primary purpose is to "make money" is erroneous. My evidence isanecdotal, but I suspect that my family is not atypical. I am the only member of my expanded family that truly uses computers to make my living. The rest use them for household tasks, research, and leisure.

Most people will not put forth the effort to learn an upgraded OS until they absolutely have to. Learning another OS is out of the question. I may be generalizing, but I don't think so.

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by jkaras In reply to The final Goal of busines ...

The problem with this is time= money. To train employees to utilize the new os cost too much money to gamble on business running smoothly. Managers will look at time invested including money invested in the software. Business deals with acceptable loss, and a glitchy os that everyone knows how to use, administer, and troubleshoot fits more into this parameter. It's not right, but when your decisions cost millions of revenue and your job/reputation is on the line, do you gamble or take the easier road that you can blame failures on? It reminds me of the choice between republican or democrat, either way your bound to be disapointed from a lack of choices.

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Home = Recreation = Usually No Skills

by Deadly Ernest In reply to decisions....decisions

The vast majority of hiome computer users use their computers for recreational purposes, the next highest use is educational/research.

The vast majority of computer users have no computer skills higher than clicking an icon and typing a letter. This emans that they need software that is self installing, automatic setups and wizards to do everything for them. Microsft have been good at making software to the lowest possible common denominator. However, with the trend in recent Linux versionsto go this same path I would expect to see some inroads, especially when retail and wholesale computer sellers can see that they can sell cheaper products and make a higher profit margins by using Linux software.

Home users rarely update softawreunless forced to for some personal activity.

With Star Office becoiming more like the MS products in basic appearance, the cost of training to switch is dropping. More and more business are begining to look at switching as are govt orgainsations.

Interestingly most software comes in a Linux version now.

This is an area ro watch but dont expect great leaps, just casual growth as individuals switch.

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Home computer usage goal

by generalist In reply to The final Goal of busines ...

I would consider that the final goal of home computer usage doesn't necessarily have to be money.

For some people it is, either directly or indirectly. Those people are the ones that are most likely to be impacted by software costs.

At the same time, there are those people who are perfectly content to use the computer as a toy or a hobby tool. In many instances these people are also satisfied with the OS that came with their computer and old software they bought to meet a need. The only time they face upgrade costs is when the computer dies of old age or when they desire to have the latest and greatest.

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