The finger print unlock is not working properly

By elsasb354 ·
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I've got Huawei Y9 Prime. it's like a week since I got it. Now I discovered that there is this issue with the fingerprint lock. It can unlock by all the people, just not me!!! the unlocking is working for anyone.

Why is this happening? Is it because I do not set up the settings properly or is it a device bug? How can I fix this?
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Could be a lot of things but if you set it up

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to The finger print unlock i ...

Start by making sure that the place where you stick your finger is clean it could just have a oily imprint of your finger on the area and whenever it gets touched it sees that. Also make sure you have taken off any cover over this as well that could be the issue.

It could also be that the Finger Print Reader is not set up correctly or not setup at all.

If you think you set it up then you should return the phone o the place you got it and get them to check it out and replace it if necessary.

I should also add a Password that you can not change is a very insecure password and all Biometrics are Passwords you can not change so you can draw your own conclussion on how effective that they are.

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Thanks for the advice

by elsasb354 In reply to Could be a lot of things ...

Actually, I cleaned the imprint area before configure the settings. And I delete it several times and do it again after I discover the issue. So I'm not hearing any other suggestions other than return back the device to the store. I got 2 years warranty. So I guess it won't be a much problem. Thank you.

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by shelbyrsmithashk In reply to The finger print unlock i ...

Gotta make sure your fingers are clean and readable. or it could be defective.

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My Reply

by RonCloudGeek In reply to The finger print unlock i ...

Ensure that the fingerprint reader, and your finger, is dry and clean. If it still does not work I'll return the device.

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Not Expected from a MI product

by tompkinsdebby In reply to The finger print unlock i ...

I have POCO F1 and I have been using since it was launched I bought it from the very first sale, it's a flagship phone with some really badass features. But there are always some cons so after 6 months I started feeling that the fingerprint is not working properly I also took it to the service center but they didn't have the perfect solution so I sold it.

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Dry Hands

by help1563898615 In reply to The finger print unlock i ...

The same thing with one of my colleague where he also struggles to punch his biometrics at the office in one go and reason behind it was that his hands are very dry so sensors sometimes find the difficulty to read the tumb prints.

This can be one of the reason. Don't mind, I've just shared my real-life experience on the issue you are facing

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