The Following errors occurred attempting to join the domain "NAME":

By chjmail ·
The network path was not found.

Hey guys again,

This is what I continue to get when I try to join the domain. It is a Windows 2003 Domain Controller and its patched to SP 1 only for now. The windows 2003 server that I am trying to join to the domain has SP2 installed on it and every since I installed SP2 I have had this problem. Since SP2 was installed on the server I can no longer remote desktop into the server with SP2 on it, nor can I join it back to the Domain. I looked in the msc secpol.msc, but I cant figure out what under there could be causing me not to be able to join the domain. Does anyone know if theres a patch of something out there for this? I ask my other windows buddies and they all tell me that they have no problems with Windows server 2003 Standard Edition (but remember this did not come with SP2 already installed). I have mcafee 8 installed on the server but I know thats not a problem because I had it up ther before I installed SP2 and I could join the Domain and Remote Desktop into the server with no problems. So SP2 is my problem somewhere its blocking my authentication with the DC. (And the Windows Firewall is disabled!!!)

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by jwilliams In reply to The Following errors occu ...

When you upgrade a server to SP2 it also updates the AD. Older versions cannot access the newer version and vice versa. Take a look at your active directory versions. Also if you upgrade one server in a domain to SP2 it's in your best interest to do them all at the same time or you will find many more issues as troublesome as this. If you cannot upgrade all your servers try dcpromo in the CMD on the server you can't get onto the domain and demote it then read it, this MAY help. (of course keeping all servers in the enviroment on the same versions is always best)

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Explain this then

by chjmail In reply to DC

On the same network there is 2 seperate DC one is a windows server 2000 SP4 DC and there are 2 windows server 2003 SP2 connected to it as host. Why would this work and may way not work (Windows server 2003 SP1 DC, host server: windows server 2003 SP2)? The 2 are not working together just the windows server 2003 SP1 is going to be the new DC when I can get everything configured and working properly.

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DC Promo

by jwilliams In reply to Explain this then

I?m not saying it can?t work; just it causes issues, especially between 2003 sp1 and sp2. The AD that is shipped in these service packs are NOT compatible. Check your AD versions and then go to Microsoft?s web site and check them all against each other. I could be off base and this isn?t your issue at all. The server with sp2 that you just upgraded, DCPromo that thing remove it from any association it might have with any kind of domain (check the box that say's "this is the last server in the domain") and at that point try to re-add it. If the AD is indeed the issue it will tell you then, if it?s not it will tell you why it can?t be part of that domain anyhow. (Take the sp2 server off the network while doing this)

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Thanks and OK

by chjmail In reply to DC Promo

I have never setup a DC before its probabley not hard, but why brake something that does not need fixing? Anyhow I will do what you suggest and goto Microsofts site to see the compatiblites issues between SP1 AD and server 2003 SP2 client server. I will post back the results whether I upgrade the DC or not. I am kinda scared to update the DC to SP2. I dont want to have to start all over.

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DC Promo

by jwilliams In reply to Thanks and OK

If you just remove the problem server from the network and use DCpromo it very easy if are comfortable with computers. its just a standard windows wizard.

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