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I guess my whole way of looking at life, is from the point of view of a gambler!! Did you win or did you loose it all by putting all your eggs in one baskit!! and even tho I am a profestional, by means of a lot of hard work, and busting my *** off in the many jobs that I have to work at in order to pay the astronomical fees of tuition, for have selected U-Mass at Amherst as my choice of univercity, with a tired body and my bones acheing, from lugging that heavy back pack all through the campus, but I maded it and made my daddy so proud of me for I graduate top of my class and with lot of honors I rec, my Bachelor degrre in buss, and i went on to rec Masters degree as well!! a side from that I am a licenced Master Barber,licenced Cosmotologyst licenced Estitition, licenced Massuse,licenced Manicurist and a Nurses Aide as well as many other job that helped me get to the top! But the best education i have had to graduate from is the school of LIFE at the Univercity of Life I made it through with the skin of my teeth, having had more losses than gain tho. out the many battles that I have had to face, by putting all of my eggs in one basket I would always trip over one disaster or another and cracking every single egg,left empty handed, every single time and forced to hold on very tight to my boot straps in order to go on! Lucky for me that I learned a lot from the school of life,for the most valuable thing I learned was survival of the fittes!! ITs a mirical that I never turned to drugs or alcohal and never ended up on Prozac!! I consider myself very lucky for the most part, I have family values,love for God,my hope for the future are many but I wont get into that @ this point, but since life is a gamble my philosophy is to think think out ,think bfor you leap, cause its a very fine line betwen winning or loosing your shirt, i love to respect fellow bros. so in turn I may get the same respect in return! I also have this angry side and my sarcasum is my shield! I love gizmos and gadgets, you only have one life so why not spend it with the ones you love playing with all thoe toys is the ultimat high for me!! now getting them going thats the worst part,not being able just to open that box and hve. that electronic up and going in less than half an hour In my apt im the only one that get it going throught a lot of fustration ,reading the manual for what seems like an eternity it get done a lot latter than soone!!!!look into my blog and you will see all the beautiful toys that I have aquired throught the years come join me as set my blog up and ask for help along the way!!!!!!!!!!! LOVE AND PEACE THE FOX

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