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The friends we make in online communities

By JamesRL ·
I know here at TR we've been faced with some bad news over the last while with the passing of some valued members.

I just thought I'd share some good news from one of the other communities I belong to.

I'm an online first person shooter player. My game of choice has been the Battlefield series. In 2007 I joined a clan and made a number of friendships.

A number of people in the clan I belong to are either active service members or former members. One of them was off the grid for a while, and now we know why...

He was involved in the battle for COP Keating in Afghanistan.

He had been out of contact because in the course of the battle their tents were torched and they left the site with the clothes on their backs. His laptop was destroyed. But he feels grateful to be alive.

He was recently awarded the Silver Star for his part in the battle, and one of the people in his unit was nominated for the Congressional Medal of Honor.
"Army Sgt. 1st Class Jonathan Hill, with Troop B, receives a Silver Star for exceptional valor from Gen. McChrystal. Hill exemplified the skill and bravery of a Cavalry Scout, while leading his plt, in the plt leader?s absence, during the battle of COP Keating. Hill led and directed his platoon while exposing himself to a heavy barrage of enemy fire, and organized multiple efforts to recover fallen Soldiers under effective, accurate fire. "

He is coming home soon, and we are all happy for his safe return.


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Thank you, James.

by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to The friends we make in on ...

It's been a tough time around here recently. Good news, is, well, good! :)

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Definitely good news

by NickNielsen In reply to The friends we make in on ...

Home in one piece (hopefully) and a citation into the deal.

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All right!

by seanferd In reply to The friends we make in on ...

And rotating back home - good for him.

But somebody owes that man a laptop!

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by Shellbot In reply to The friends we make in on ...

Thats amazing James :)

Online communities can bring people together in the oddest ways.

I know I have been blessed to make many friends, and I count myself lucky to call you friend :)

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