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The Future of Computer Design and Engineering

By the_webninja ·
What I want for the Future.
I am not a Wiz Kid who tries to analyze every Cluster, packet, and Bit or enjoys fighting with Hardware configurations or Software bugs until it finally works.
I like to use Computers to make Working on Projects easier, whether it is Designing something using CAD, or Writing using Word, or Editing Audio or Video files, I want my Computer to WORK.
I don?t enjoy fighting with it to get it to work. That should NOT be considered the Norm.

I believe that in order to accomplish a Zero Bulllshit Factor, with the Computers, the whole Data Storage idea needs to be re-designed. The Problems we now face with the Computer Industry are mostly originating from Hardware Manufacturers who think it?s ?Okay? to Produce Garbage Hardware, then make the User fight with it to get it to Work. That concept must change.
Hardware Manufacturers who produce and distribute Garbage Hardware need to be Fined for compensating the customers for their undue emotional stress. Anyone who has ever Purchased and ATI Video Card probably knows exactly what I am talking about. Now that AMD owns ATI, I sincerely hope that AMD can fix the PEOPLE who are producing such Garbage and start producing something that Works out of the Box. No Ifs, ands or Buts, make the Shitt work! PERIOD!

The next major Problem with the Computer Industry is Software Engineers, they do the same things as the Hardware Engineers, they produce Garbage Software Loaded with Bugs, then spend the next Five Years working out the Bugs with the Customers. That is Unacceptable.
Because once they get all the Bugs worked out, then they stop supporting the Software, and release another version of Software Loaded with Bugs then they spend another Five years working out all THOSE Bugs, then they repeat the Process all over again. Microsoft Conditioned the Public to accept these Substandard Practices, and they will forever be remembered for that.
Vista is just another Bad example of this Substandard Design Practice. Windows has always been vulnerable to Software attacks and 98 and 95 barely even stayed working for very long.

And Microsoft?s biggest worry seems to be Software Pirating. I feel like the Solution to all of this is to Install the Bug Free Operating System (Which would not require and Further Updates if you do it right the FIRST time), onto a DVD Disk, in Read only Format, which would run the Computer Bug Free, Virus Free, and less Vulnerable to attacks because it is on a DVD Disk. This Disk could be Encrypted to prevent Software Copying. The Parts of the Program that needed to change would be installed on the Hard drive, and if any Bugs or Viruses altered the Registry Files on the Hard Drive, You could perform a registry restore with one Click of a Desk Top Icon, and the Operating System would Re-write the Registry all over again, with a kind of Format and Fresh install. But the Working Operating System would be run from an Installed Version installed onto a DVD Disk. This would include Suite Packages of Software Bundled Together, in the Same kind of Format, Installing the Program on the DVD instead of on the Hard drive, then only using the Hard Drive for Data that is Constantly Changing. The Problem with this Concept is that the Software Engineers would have to actually become RESPONSIBLE for producing Problem Free Software. And as Smart as they all THINK they are, they have not yet been able to rise to THAT Challenge, or should I say a very rare Few have even considered the idea. That would mean they would actually have to TEST their Software, and That is something they would rather the Customer PAY to do for them, rather than do it themselves. That has to Change, Software Companies need to take Responsibility for the Software they Produce or Risk being Fined in the future. That is the only way we can re-design the Computer to be a Problem Free experience for everyone, and help the Industry Grow.

The Next thing I am thinking about is Web Based Data Storage. There are a Dozen Reasons why it makes sense, the Cops want to Look into people?s Data, Servers allow them to do that, the Individual user is not smart enough to de-bug every little Registry Screw up that all the Mal-ware, and Viruses, and Hackers are doing to their Computers, and many people are getting to the point where they are turning their Computers off and walking away. Using Web Based Storage would allow Servers to Store Users Data more Secure because Servers can afford to pay the Super Techs to keep their Servers Super Secure. The average user does not have the Smarts to do that, nor do they want to spend the time doing it. They just want their Data Safe, and they want their Computer to WORK. That?s it. If you don?t do something to Fix these Problems with the Computers, and re-design Data Storage, then the entire Computer industry is going down.

There are even Movies like Pulse which tries to Scare the common user into turning off their Computers. Places like Myspace which are experiments in Sociology, are beginning to show that using the Computer is becoming a Negative experience rather than a Positive one. Even Bill Gates himself is thinking about walking away from the Industry. There are REASONS people are feeling like this. And if the people in the Industry do not address these Problems, the Industry itself may Fail. Just like people turned their backs on CB Radios with very little warning, the CB Boom Ended.

Computers are basically just another form of Communication to many people, and if this type of Communication is constantly associated with Negative emotions, eventually people will develop negative Psychological Patterns associated with USING their Computers, and eventually you may begin to see less and less people going on line and USING their Computers. You might even see a complete rebellion against Computers rise up, like the Amish did against Technology, the people might claim that Computers are Socially Evil, not good for Human development or something like that. My Point here being, if you guys don?t do something to make it BETTER PERMANENTLY, then you might not have to worry about it, cause the whole Industry is based on Money, once people stop Buying Computers for Personal Use, Stop using ATM Machines in their Rebellion against the ?Machine World? and all the other Automated Computerized Systems you are Creating, in fear of the Robots taking Control, then sooner or later You might Lose your Job, and have to go do something that is not Computer Related, all because you created Shitt that didn?t work right the first time around and developed Negative Psychological Patterns associated with using the computer, so no one wanted to use Computers anymore.

And YOU will be remembered as a World Class Screw up that Changed History by Screwing up one of the Greatest Inventions known to mankind since the Wheel! What a Memento for you huh?

People in Computer Hardware Engineering and Software Engineering need to start taking Responsibility for what they are doing. That is the ONLY way the Computer Industry will Survive. Who ever would have thought that GM would wind up laying off more than 40,000 workers? Everyone still has to drive a Car right? So what happened? They designed their Cars to be more Difficult to Fix thinking they would force the Customers to buy more Cars, and the People wised up and Bought Toyotas instead which are designed to be easier to fix. ?You asked for it, you got it Toyota.? Except Toyota didn?t learn from GM and they Crushed up their Electric SUVs so I think even Toyota is going to learn some serious lessons pretty soon as well. Don?t let this happen to the Computer industry. And it is up to YOU.

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And your point would be

by NickNielsen In reply to The Future of Computer De ...

slightly more accurate if you actually understood the Amish: You might even see a complete rebellion against Computers rise up, like the Amish did against Technology...

The Amish have never risen against technology. They simply choose to not use technology that they see as weakening the family structure or threatening their religious beliefs. These articles provide more in-depth information:

And given your screed concerning better programming, I know you are aware of this page and this page

Edit: Aw, ****, I'm sorry Palmetto! I'll take this one, you know where I live.

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That's not how it works.

by gschafer In reply to The Future of Computer De ...

Make the computer simpler and it will be more robust. That should sell like hotcakes, right?

WRONG. As soon as someone gets the simpler computer out of the box the first words out of his mouth will be "How come this won't do...." Oh, you want more functionality. Well, more functionality means more complexity means more problems.

Think of it like this: a chainsaw is harder to maintain and fix and more frustrating to start than a buck saw, but loggers are not "rising up" against their chainsaws and begging for bucksaws. They've got work to do and will put up with having to maintain their tools to do it.

If you have the luxury of not using a computer (because all you did with it is communicate with other people), then who cares if you give it up? There are some people who use computers with real work to do.

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