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The future of e-mail

By ecom9 ·
I'm currently looking at where we are going with e-mail and its future. I would appreciate your help, insight, ideas, observations or any comments you may have that may assist me. Thanks in anticipation.

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Interesting Question...

by Shanghai Sam In reply to The future of e-mail

Not sure what sort of scope you had in mind for the discussion here - but I will offer some random ramblings anyway.

The number of emails looks to be growing roughly in proportion to the number of people connected to the internet. New internet users begin with a few tentative emails and then before long are mass-mailing jokes to all their friends and flooding mail servers around the world.

Email as a communication tool is still effective but as the volume grows, methods of automatically processing messages will need to improve. "Rules" in mail servers and mail client software already allow filtering/filing of messages and rejection of suspected spam, but I believe something more intelligent will be needed.

Advertising via email has no useful legal restriction so continued increase in email direct marketing is probably a given. There are so many ways to find out email addresses and build mailing lists. Some people already use time-based addresses in public forums, eg adding a random string to the address that is only a valid address for a week. This helps reduce spam but is not easy to set up. Lots of people seem to use Hotmail and similar freemail services to create lots of mail aliases, and discard those where thesignal/noise ratio is dropping significantly.

I think email has a long and illustrious career in front of it as a fundamental communication medium. Perhaps it will become transparent or a base part of a more sophisticated "application". The beauty of it is still its fundamental simplicity, universality, and ease of use. A few issues need to be sorted out though - including security, language independence, and reliability.

Well, did that assist you??


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Email and the future..

by davidnesbit In reply to Interesting Question...

Consider that email is the new "glue" that (now) holds business communication and connectedness together.

Yes, there are the issues with inappropriate use, spamming, etc however in short time this will be addressed by corporate controls and sanctions.

As to the future of the email medium, it is even more assured as issues relating to scalability of storage systems (to cope with ever increasing demand) are satisfied; as security protocols are further refined to protect and secure message data; and (most importantly) as corporate users themselves start to realise that it is the prime corporate Global communication medium.

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