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The future of IT (Compaq and HP Merger).

By SixFourtyKilo ·
I have spoken with my friends and colleagues about the future of IT and have heard many many different point of views as to what it entales. One of my friends has expressed his concern that even the major IT and computer supply firms are "getting out of the business" as a result of the HP and Compaq merger. I have heard other people say that mainframe is the place to be because warehouses will become more prominent in an internet shopping community. What are your thoughts on this subject? Do you feel stable in your position?


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Gateway is losing the battle too...

by SixFourtyKilo In reply to The future of IT (Compaq ...

CNN says, "Last week, Gateway emerged as the poster child for challenged tech companies when it announced plans to cut thousands of jobs and warned of a third-quarter loss.

But with all its changes the likelihood of a merger with any of its U.S.-based rivals?namely Dell Computer or IBM?is slim at best. Gateway's only hope for a partner lies overseas but it's highly unlikely anyone would want to buy the troubled PC maker, analysts said."

Although Gateway is a smaller company, they have managed to play a pretty important part in the IT industry. With all of these companies fighting a losing battle, there doesn't seem to be that pot of gold over the rainbow anymore.


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Pardon me if I intrude....

by admin In reply to Gateway is losing the bat ...

on your conversation with yourself *smiles*, but I thought it might be of interest that Micron recently paid another company a good deal of money to take it's PC division.

As far as Gateway, they were the Dell of a few years back. Then they got stupid and put out crappy machines and built stores in malls. They had it made, then they got stupid and now they are dying.

There will always be PC makers, either small local shops or large ones who build truly non-proprietary good quality PC's who survive, that market is not going away. It's the companies who build a good name this way, then start coasting and selling crap to the uninformed masses that die (unless they were all marketing from the get go) Everyone has a friend in the businessthese days, and they ask them what to buy and even if they go for the e-machine and rebate the first time, they are not likely to do this twice. Then they buy the equivalent of yesterdays Gateway, are happy with it and buy another after they have gone downhill. They will ask again, probably buy a Dell right now, and hopefully Dell will clue into the long-term potential of retaining a good brand AND a good product- but I doubt it, they will fall for short term gains too.

Too many people jumped on the "Branding" marketing bandwagon and made good short term gains. Now they are dying, if they had no substance -or failed to retain it. Boo-hahahahhahhaha instead of boo-hoo to them.

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Mainframe? Hello..this is 21st century

by rzan In reply to The future of IT (Compaq ...

Where do you get off mentioning mainframes? I don't know one person in the the IT industry still futzing around with those old and archaic dinosaurs. Mainframes have been long replaced by microcomputer servers. The companies that still use refuseto live in the 21st century because of the amount of money they dumped into maintaining it. Such companies have to grow up and accept their financial losses for a device that was once top of the line. But as technology progresses, you have to progress with it, or be left behind with outdated equipment and little to no support for it.

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21st century mainframes?

by SixFourtyKilo In reply to Mainframe? Hello..this i ...

I can name quite a few automobile manufacturers that still use the AS/400 system. Thats certainly NOT an archaic system! It more about a mass database than it is the system. Nobody uses dummy terminals anymore but emulations still exist. In fact, why would companies invest millions of dollars bringing up a new warehouse with brand new AS/400 servers and RF equipment which are connected directly to the system? Sounds like you need to get out in the world a little more...


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