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The future of Serial ATA

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Tell us what you think about Dave Mays' column concerning the future of Serial ATA, as featured in the Feb. 12 Enterprise Storage Space e-newsletter. Do you agree or disagree? Let us know if this information is useful to you.

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by wandering techie In reply to The future of Serial ATA

Now that IDE drive are starting to replace scsi drives, as they are cheaper to replace and have larger platters. What dave seems to have missed is that IDE has hit serval barriers over the last couple of years. One of the biggest is outside of a raid device, ATA doesn't see any performence past ATA-100, whereas SATA starts faster, which the same drives. You can buy an adapter for an IDE drive put the drive across a SATA controller and see an increse in performence, now this is SATA 1.0. WesternDigital is working on a SATA 1.0 drive that runs at 10k not 7200, the articles and press stuff was out before 2-11-03. To me put the OS on a SATA controller card and my data on an IDE raid5 controller, seems to me I cut a serious amount of cost in the server without losing performence, and when we see non-bridged native SATA drives, they will more than likely out perform scsi drives, of corse it doesn't hurt that most of the Mainboards that support SATA don't force it over the pci bus.
PS before someone says this, I don't work for any of the hardware vendors the closest I get is dell.

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