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the Future of Servers, Netware vs Windows

By Oz_Media ·
Vol 14 of Connection Magazine posed some really interesting views towards the furtuer of Windows Servers vs Novell's.

With the roll out of Netware 6.5 that comes bundled with Apache web Server, my SQL and PHP/PERL (AMP), Novell's open source promises are now coming true.

But with performance that FAR exceeds anything from Windoze, will there be a market change in the near future or is Novell positioned to make a slow crawling comeback?

"Novell tests indicate that MySQL running on Windows can only support about 50 users while the same database running on NetWare using equivalent hardware supports 1200-1300 users"

The new AMP server with PHPmyADMIN customization utility will offer a more customizable Web Access interface than Windows. ZenWorks offers faster Middle Tier logins with Zen delivering 3MB of data (policies and applications) to 600 users in 3minutes of rolling logins, whereas the Windows server only handled 300.

With NetWare outperfoming Windows Server in test after test, what is the future for Windows servers? Why even look at a Windows NOS when there are more cost effective, scalable solutions from an open source NOS?

For now, I see Windows being used in desktops siomply because of it's market depth and user friendly GUI. With Ximian/Novell merger and open source NOS, how long will it be before people start to realize that Netware is still the true champion of the NOS?

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Tuff one to call

by pgm554 In reply to the Future of Servers, Ne ...

NW has had the advantage of doing more with less for quite some time. A 386 with 16 megs of ram supports 50 users on 3.12 quite easily.

However,we are dealing with a corporate mentality that goes with a "good enough" mantra.

Ignorance,deception,and lies are Novell's greatest enemies.

I had to install a Xerox copier/printer on one of my clients networks.The guy they sent to install it was an MSCSE(21 and fresh from a M$ bootcamp no doubt) and knew nothing of how to install it in a NW network.He said the only thing he knew about NW was that they stole directory services from M$.

They are (Novell) still having trouble getting the word out .Here is a excerpt from an Infoworld review of Zenworks:

But Novell, in keeping with its long tradition of ultra-quiet marketing, has had a Windows-only version of ZENWorks available for quite some time. The company just forgot to tell me about it. (Little strategy tip for the folks in Utah: "New product" equals "send a press kit.")

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Sleeping giant?

by Oz_Media In reply to Tuff one to call

I agree that they haven't pwered themselves to the same guerilla marketing tactics that Gates did, probably why they still have prestige.

with the Ximian and Open Source additions, PHP, SQL etc, Netware is gearing up for a hard industry hit. As a MCNE I can't wait to see the lost MCSE souls when all the big money jobs are in Netware (they already are but nobody knows about it).

Then we'll hear, "I have an MCSE and was wondering whether I should get my CNA because I can't find work, waaaaaa."

Some people can't see the 'Trees' through the 'Forest', soon they won't see the 'Forest' because of all the 'Trees' .

P.S. I hope you ***** slapped the MCSE who said Novell stole NDS! That's Billy's trick.

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Micro$oft Cult Systems Engineers

by pgm554 In reply to Sleeping giant?

I don't know where the guy got his information, but I asked him two


1. How long has AD been around? Gee, since 2000, I guess.
2. How long has NDS been around? Early to mid 90?s (after a few hints from me)

He seemed a might confused on dates, but not totally convinced. (M$ brainwashing)

Maybe Novell should hire the deprogrammers from the 70?s and 80?s that were used for getting people out of religious cults. M$ a cult? Hmmm,
if it quacks like a duck?

His only redeeming quality was that he hates NT.

It's guys like these that fog up the differences between good, better and best.

Whenever you hear M$ at a product launch, the mantra is "best Windows yet".

They can't compare themselves to Novell or a decent UNIX solution, because they are not better or even equivalent.

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Ultra Quiet Marketing

by Robotech In reply to Micro$oft Cult Systems En ...

After getting my MCP, I got a certificate, a fancy tie pin, and a swipe card type ID thingy.
Microsoft also sent me a package the other day with Windows 2003 Servers and Exchange 2003 Servers.
Novell needs to get the word out, Novell needs to market, Novell needs to do stuff and send us stuff that we can install them and show them to our bosses. That's the only way they will authorize a move to a different NOS.

We have reached the point where many NT servers, or older systems in general are reaching their limit. Microsoft realizes that there are a lot of older systems still out their (do I hear Windows Update), so they are targeting these systems that were never upgraded by sending the IT people like myself literature and Evaluation software.
Novell needs to send us not only sample software, but give huge price discounts to the first 1 Million persons to convert to a Novell network, as well as sending us brochures like: 'How to upgrade from Windows NT 4.0, 2000 to Novell 6.5 .... nuff said.

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Novell Evals

by pgm554 In reply to Ultra Quiet Marketing

You want free software?


Lot's of free stuff.You want discounts,they got discounts.

As for the how to's,if you don't know Netware ,call in a consultant.There are white papers,but unless you know the products inside and out,it's like upgrading to AD from domains.You want somebody that's done it before.


Authorized Novell and M$ partner.

Have laptop ,will travel.

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Novell Eval URL

by pgm554 In reply to Novell Evals

Sorry, the old page doesn't work .Try this and watch for xtra spaces in the URL when doing c&p.

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Novell = tools, YOU = equal ideas

by Oz_Media In reply to Ultra Quiet Marketing

"Novell needs to get the word out, Novell needs to market, Novell needs to do stuff and send us stuff that we can install them and show them to our bosses. That's the only way they will authorize a move to a different NOS."

I get monthly neqwletters, CD packages, mailouts etc. all the time (probably because I'm a registered NwtAdmin with them). The job of a good IT department is to test, evaluate, report and develop new practices to improve company sales, reducr operating costs and improve efficiency. I don't feel it is up to Novell to convince your boss but for you to research, document and present your ideas to the boss yourself, that's why you have a job, you are supposed to know what is nest for the company.

the two companies I switched had several MCSE's who couldn't keep up with the crao they had installed. I made a case and presented it to the employers along with ROI and TCO statements. This and the fact that they had to pay me (ONE GUY) about 1 1/2 times a single MCSE salary but again ONLY me convinced them to go my route. Three MCSE's are looking for work and I increased my salary.

Novell didn't do it for me, they just provided my tools.

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by Oz_Media In reply to Novell = tools, YOU = equ ...

Sorry for all the typos, maybe your batman decoder ring will help. :-P

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That's All Well And Good

by Robotech In reply to SPELL CHECK!! SPELL CHEC ...

I used to work with a consulting company that had a very good Novell Engineer, and he admitted that Microsoft had better marketing strategies than Novell.
I've been getting stuff from CDW, Microsoft, and other people, just by being the Network Administrator. The point is, if Microsoft is sending me software that is user friendly and also telling me how to implement it. If they are showing me that 75% of NetAdmins use it, then why shouldn't I go with it?
Novell needs to get stuff into my Inbox, because the truth is, I'm too busy evaluating Microsoft stuff that they sent to me to be out there researching something that I don't even know exists.

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That's your job though

by Oz_Media In reply to SPELL CHECK!! SPELL CHEC ...

As a net admin it is YOUR resposibility to ensure that you ahve adequate product and competetive knowledge. If one company throws themselves at your feet and forces their product on you, as a net admin, it's YOUR JOB to see if that products stacks up against others on the market, not the vendors.

If I fix my neighbour's transmission for $300.00 and the shop that advertises heavily charges him $1200.00 that's HIS problem for not researching his options, not MINE.

Your job is to know what is best for the company, your their network administrator. Just like the office administrator is responsible for buying office supplies at competetive costs and finding out about new products that will benefit the company.

Netware's not new, in fact VERY old, you can't tell me you hadn't heard of Netware when you were taking your certs.

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