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The Gatester Steps Down - Why now (really)?

By BigGAyHAL9000 ·
Has the Gatester stepped down because he knows Vista is going to be the worst product ever my Microsoft???

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by NOW LEFT TR In reply to The Gatester Steps Down - ...

you could be correct but it will be hard to judge until Jan 2007....if it is released on time!

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by HAL9000 In reply to The Gatester Steps Down - ...

Woo cares - Gates was a t*sser anyway. Who said I was gay?

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Col, apparently

by Old Guy In reply to WHAT!!!

this is the same troll that has been changing his alias so many times. Do you want to call in Guido? X-(

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by onbliss In reply to Col, apparently

...was'nt it Hal9000 who mentioned that the "same" topic was posted 18months ago? Revenge of the (bad) Nerd :-)

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When I saw the site id

by j.lupo In reply to Col, apparently

I knew it was that troll again. I wasn't going to chime in. I think if we can not participate the guy/gal will get the message.

Col, he/she just wants to get you upset

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You are right

by onbliss In reply to When I saw the site id
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I think this guy

by j.lupo In reply to You are right

is creating multiple accounts on TR and trolling using all of them. This is really not fun anymore when someone takes the valuable time of TR members who want to really contribute.

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