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The Genie in the Virtual Cloud: vale Microsoft?

By Himagain2 ·
I hate to use that already much battered fray is "the elephant in the room", but the future of computer-based communication is already crystal clear.
First, the ubiquitous tiny little handheld device (soon to be on the wrist) that can do virtually everything you need to do with a PC/terminal has already changed the world of marketing beyond belief of just 10 years ago.

Second, the stupidly named "cloud concept" is simply the good old Internet being more properly used as a collective intelligence. The practical development of the virtual server doesn't seem to have been fully grasped by the commercial world as of yet. Even my minuscule operation runs on virtual servers out there in the cloud and on multiple virtual boxes on my office PC.
I run Windows 7 and Ubuntu Unity on the same tinbox and my central program for virtually all day to day work is Libra OpenOffice (which has no trouble happily switching between operating systems).

The magic thing about all of this is the incredible elastic capacity that I now have for expansion with astounding ease, so that when the world realises my genius and the hordes want to reach me all at once for my wisdom, it will be a snack. :-)

It should not have been called the "cloud", if ever the name was appropriate in a situation like this, "The Genie" is it and the Genie is now out of the bottle.
Tomorrow is going to be nothing like we thought it would be three years ago.

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RE:- It should not have been called the "cloud"

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to The Genie in the Virtual ...

How about SKY-NET" when it gains Self Awayness and cuts you off from your Data and tries to sell it back to you after listing it on EBay and selling it to the highest bidder you'll wonder why everyone else knows your "Secrets."

The current problem with Centralized Computing which is what we moved away from when PC's became affordable and that was in the days of considering a 10K PC as cheap is who owns the your data when the Cloud Provider goes broke or is taken over in a Hostile Merger, or any other type of merger for than matter?

When the new owners who ever they may be and wherever they may be take control what will happen to your existing contract with the now defunct Cloud Provider and much more importantly how much will you have to pay to access your data again. Not to mention that in a circumstance like that there is no guarantee that you'll be the only one to have Access to your data so you may very well find that you no longer have a business.

All I can say about the Cloud is if you wouldn't be comfortable with placing your property/information on a Billboard on the side of a busy road don't place it in the Cloud. :0

OH and BTW Microsoft didn't invent the Cloud Concept or Term, they have just run with it so that they can provide their products as Software as a Service where you get to pay now and forever instead of selling you the right to use it just the once.


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Someone is already marketing wrist-band commo devices

by CharlieSpencer In reply to The Genie in the Virtual ...

They're not doing well. People are finding the screen size is too small, text entry is incredibly cumbersome, and you have to keep taking it off to recharge the battery.

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