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The good old Q about Starting out!

By walterbiazzo ·
Most likely one of the most seen post, but I need a little help. I'm still a student with 2 years of exp in web, and networking. I'm currently working on my certs starting with network+ then A+ --- and MCSE for windows server 2008. I have stronger skills in development then in networking, but i have been told by some people that it's an easier door to get in. Any answers about this being true or not.

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Who are some people?

by The 'G-Man.' In reply to The good old Q about Star ...

currently employed networking people or devs who don't want you crowding their space?

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Not easier door, nor highest paying.

by CharlieSpencer In reply to The good old Q about Star ...

Go for the one you enjoy the most. You may be doing it the rest of your life, and that's too short a period to be doing something you don't like just for money.

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Pick what feels "fun"

by Wheezey In reply to The good old Q about Star ...

I came from the networking and telecommunications side before going into in house IT. It's a new beginning after 5 years in the previous field, but I love it. Why worry about the accessibility of the door when the room may be everything you'll enjoy.

Also think of it this way, so you get into "networking", 5 years down the line you hate what your doing and wish you chose Dev. Most people would trade off their big toes for a chance to choose what they were good at or enjoyed.

I didn't answer you directly, but hope I offered another vantage.

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by Jellimonsta In reply to The good old Q about Star ...

I doubt you would call trying to find a position in networking easy, any more so than development, most likely. However, it probably depends on where you are willing to start, and what you plan on developing.
You could probably break into network easier by taking a job in a network operations center, but you will be mostly fielding calls, and maybe reading from a script before passing on to 'engineers'.
If code monkey is truly your passion, I would focus time and efforts on this. Also, I don't think I would bother with those certs if I had no intention of working in networking. IMHO.

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