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The GREATEST Threat to Earth

By maxwell edison ·
"The consequences of getting this one wrong could be huge."

"Highly credible" studies are simply dismissed.

This is the greatest threat to mankind since ....... since ....... well, since GLOBAL WARMING!



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Well they would pick the UK ...

by drowningnotwaving In reply to The GREATEST Threat to Ea ...

... simply because of the food.

Ever had a chip buttie? Who wouldn't fly in for that?

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What? Food?

by ProtiusX In reply to Well they would pick the ...

Only a Brit could like Brit food. Kidney pie, blood pudding, etc. I have to admit a fondness for it though. I told my Dad that I liked the food in the UK and he looked at me like I had just slapped him. He told me that when he was in the Army back in '50 and '51 he took leave from Iceland and went through Europe. He said the food in Italy, Germany and France was superb but when he got to London he was very disappointed. I suppose you've got to have a taste for bread pudding or sausage to like Brit food.

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OI! Kidney pudding? No such thing

by neilb@uk In reply to What? Food?

Now, Steak and Kidney Pudding - Yes. I can only leave you with a recipe by the Sainted Delia and suggest that you try it. If your US sensibilities are offended by offal (idiots!) then replace the kidney with an equal weight of beef and you will arrive at a Steak Pudding and, although not as savoury, your taste buds will still thank me for it.

Note that this is a deep Winter warming dish to be eaten with mashed potato and carrots.


Don't mock what you do not understand!

As for blood pudding, this is something eaten throughout Europe in myriad forms. Fried with scrambled eggs and bacon for breakfast...Mmmmmm


ps Any adverse comments about my Mum's bread pudding and I'll be back over there with a piece of 4 by 2 in my hands. Yeah, bloody Seattle if I have to!

pps. Hey, Protius! Getting near Christmas Pudding time...

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St. Delia is wonderful!

by ProtiusX In reply to OI! Kidney pudding? No su ...

I went to her website when you posted your response to my enquiry on Christmas Pudding and I love her recipes. She had one for small meat pies and wow they looked so good! So yes I must confess I do like British food.
Years ago when my wife and I were first dating and I was living in an apartment with another geek friend we would stay up late into the wee hours of the morning and watch the Red Dwarf marathon. Lister kept talking about a fried egg chili sauce and chutney sandwich. I had never heard of chutney so I looked it up and found it to be something like jam or jelly. So, one day we made up a couple of sandwiches and actually found them to be very good. I don't know if this is considered British or just fad food but it was good none the less.
Yes it is time for Christmas Pudding and I think we're going to try it this year.

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Fried egg, chili sauce and chutney sandwich

by neilb@uk In reply to St. Delia is wonderful!

RIMMER: I want a triple fried egg sandwich with ...
LISTER: With chili sauce and chutney.
HOLLY: You what?
LISTER: It's a state of the art sarny.
HOLLY: It's the state of the floor I'm worried about. Alright, OK.
RIMMER holds up his hand and the much discussed food item appears in it.
LISTER: Wow, trust me!
RIMMER takes a bite and a succession of expressions are seen on his face.
He ends up at something like a mixture of pain, horror and shock. He may
be drunk but he's still got pain receptors.
RIMMER: I feel like I'm having a baby!
LISTER: It's good innit?
RIMMER: It's incredible. Where did you get the recipe from?
LISTER: I can't remember. I think it was a book on bacteriological warfare.

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Thanks for the memory

by Tig2 In reply to Fried egg, chili sauce an ...

I have every season they ever made... although by Series Eight, they were REALLY reaching. I think Season Four is my favourite.

Have a stack of them to get in the mail. Better get to it before Christmas card season...

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How do you do it?

by ProtiusX In reply to Fried egg, chili sauce an ...

That was great! Do you have them recorded or did you pull that from memory? I had forgotten Rimmer was drunk. Every now and again I see the actor who played Lister doing the robot wars show (which I also love).

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My major skill

by neilb@uk In reply to How do you do it?

is my ability to Google!

Alas Craig Charles (Lister) has got himself into a bit of trouble. He got a part in our most poular and longest running soap, Coronation Street, but then the tabloid papers caught him smoking crack cocaine, for which he was convicted in court, and the soap immediately binned his character.

Robert Llewellyn, Kryten, presents our equivalent of your "Junkyard Wars" and has done some stuff for Discovery Channel as has Chris Barrie (what a waste!). I've not seen anything of Danny John-Jules (Cat) since Dwarf stopped.

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Heaven / H~ll

by mike_h In reply to What? Food?

Someone explained it to me this way:
Euro-Heaven is where the police are British, the cooks are French, the mechanics German, the lovers Italian and it's all organised by the Swiss.
Euro-**** is where the chefs are British, the mechanics French, the lover's Swiss, the police German and it's all organised by the Italians...

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Chip Butty

by neilb@uk In reply to Well they would pick the ...

A chip butty is basically a mound of chips (sort of french fries to those in North America) on thick, freshly buttered bread, well-salted. Absolutely yummy. Fry your thick-cut chips in lard, not once, but twice. Once slowly to cook through without browning. Allow to cool. Second time in blisteringly hot fat to brown and crisp. Make the butty. Quickly. Eat.


You do not have any idea what it truly means...

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