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The Green Police: Exactly what message was. . . . .

By maxwell edison ·
..... Audi trying to send?

One might think that since the purpose of advertizing is to sell a product, then Audi's message was to sell the "green" aspects of its automobiles. And in order to do it, they used a bit of humor and satire. However, humor and satire is only effective if it's based on a hint of truth.

That hint of truth is what's troubling to me - especially since it's all based on lies and deceptions in the first place.

Is there anyone who doubts that the most extreme environmentalists (a group that's grown significantly into the mainstream), if they could get their way, would wish this outcome to be more truth than satire?

I stand firm, as I always have. The whole global warming/climate change claim is a political agenda in search of justification. And even now, as their justification is being exposed as lies, cover-ups, and deceptions, the agenda continues - even though the mainstream media is ignoring this deception.

Be careful of what you wish for (and vote for). You just might get it.

Edit: In a way, Audi made my point in 30 seconds better than I've been able to make it over the past 10 years. But then again, they spent millions of dollars to make it.

Edit number two: But I'm still a bit confused. What, exactly, was Audi's point?

Edit number three: I'm still not sure, should I love this commercial or hate it?

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I have no idea what Audi's point is.

by seanferd In reply to The Green Police: Exactly ...

I also don't get the bandwagon/follower mindset.

Politics is five nines of BS.

"The whole global warming/climate change claim is a political agenda in search of justification. And even now, as their justification is being exposed as lies, cover-ups, and deceptions, the agenda continues - even though the mainstream media is ignoring this deception."

Yeah. Uh huh.

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The propaganda machine

by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to The Green Police: Exactly ...

turned on the moment the first human discovered the gullibility of others. It was Hollywood, with some help from Psychology that glamorized smoking and stoked the fire for diamonds. (A documentary I saw once on diamonds, two parter)

Propaganda is propaganda. Down to the point that no matter it's form, it serves the same master; that of power.


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That said,

by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to The propaganda machine

that's a nifty, twisted little thing, isn't it?

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by santeewelding In reply to The Green Police: Exactly ...

It's windmills, Maxwell.

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On Windmills

by maxwell edison In reply to Windmills

Without researching the exact chronology of events and precise details, I recall that the green activists were touting T. Boone Pickens (a former Texas oil man) and his plan to built giant wind farms in Texas when he purchased (from G.E) hundreds (or perhaps thousands) of wind turbines. There were ads and articles about it all over the place - primarily political ads, of course.

Recently, however, I read that T. Boone Pickens was trying to SELL those wind turbines because of funding and transmission problems, as well as other issues.

Well, those of us who were never opposed to wind energy - if it could stand on its own devices - but we weren't on the green bandwagon, so to speak, because we realize(d) wind energy isn't cost effective and getting the energy from the point of collection to the point of need would be an issue - funding and transmission.

Where's the news that T. Boone Pickens changed his mind when faced with the reality of the thing?

I also heard that many wind turbines in Minnesota and other northern states are frozen right now and won't rotate because of the cold weather. Maybe they need to engineer some coal-burning furnaces into the turbines to keep them warm and cozy on these cold days!

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Regional engineers

by Geek3001 In reply to On Windmills

<p>It appears that many California based engineers aren't used to freezing temperatures that are accompanied by ice and snow. I seem to recall a similar problem in Canada where an architectural firm based in California failed to consider snow buildup on a structure they were designing. They had to retrofit it.</p>
<p>At the same time, would engineers from Minnesota put a lot of thought into earthquake resistant windmills being built in California or other earthquake prone state? I would hope they would, but I don't think there is a Uniform Building Code for structures like windmills. They are more industrial structures than buildings.</p>

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The Uniform Building Code

by NickNielsen In reply to Regional engineers

isn't uniform. The only codes I'm aware of that apply nationwide are the National Electrical Code and the National Fire Prevention Association codes.

Need a code? Choose your state, choose your code:

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In the case of Minnesota

by Tig2 In reply to Regional engineers

The issue is that those windmills are frozen in spite of the clearly worded REQUIREMENT that they be able to continue to operate in harsher weather than they have been handed. There were assurances made PRE-BID that clearly stated that the windmills would, in fact, manage to weather extremes in excess of what the requirement demanded.

I have bid jobs in colder areas of the US (than even the Twin Cities metro) where we had to validate up front that our equipment would manage to the temperature extremes experienced by that region. It isn't that unusual. And even here in the Midwest, we are well aware that we can experience an earthquake.

It is, in the end, a question of understanding how to communicate your requirements and insuring that the winning firm be able to do more than SAY they can meet them.

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basic economic..and some common sense

by hydrodane In reply to On Windmills

1. tbP chose the right moment to move ahead on his windmachines...oil was sky high in the cost was not so much of an issue. a barrel of crude was at 150usd!

what has changed...pricing economics.

oil is substantially cheaper.

so sometimes, you have a great idea and the timing is right..and then prices change everything!

Wisconsin is an especially horrible case of a great idea, but not enough well designed cold weather strategy. You get the impression, it was simply meant to be a project, put it together, watch it spin..collect the money..and asta la vista baby...we "did not think about cold weather"..yeah right! where are those planner? probably comfortably retired in the tropics.

last comment: don't count wind power out suprises most people to know how much windpower in the right places around the world supply a great amount of energy..and cheaply..and reliably...Unfortunately, we can't blame wind power as the problem for wisconsins narrow vision on wind...obviously, there was some nieve planning in that cold place. You can insert your own estimates about the capabilities and real intentions of any state sponsored program for in point: amtrak..I rest my case.

I think tbP has the right ideas...but until it becomes more economically feasible (read: people grow weary of paying huge ransoms to big is unlikely to be anything of scale...what is more likely and possible is that small micro wind farms will be built to serve those people who are willing to own and maintain them..and locate there own resources..I find that possibility fascinating...there are actually many communities who are doing multi-verse methods of energy sourcing...right now, we are still in baby hundred years from now, it is likely there will be more than 20 different kinds of available energy sourcing..and none of them will be oil..unless you want that...but most will find that oil and its technologies are just not cost effective or reasonable for alot of issues it carries..political, environmental, etc.

I am not green, just a realist.

"no change is permanent, but change is" - RUSH


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You wouldn't mean the emails? {NT}

by DHCDBD In reply to The Green Police: Exactly ...

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