The Hotbox 360

By sakagami_zyx ·
I'm sure everyone here knows after even an hour of playing the Xbox 360 begins putting out a large ammount of heat from the rear fans. I recently bought the NYKO Intercooler, which plugs into the power plug of the 360 and latches onto the grill in front of the two fans. The power supply then plugs into the intercooler. This reduced overall heat by up to 10 degrees fahrenheit in certain areas. Now for ultimate cooling I want to build an acrylic box with 7 fans on it. My idea would be to place 2 or 3 80mm fans in back, 2 near the large rear vent, and 3 more on the smaller vent near the hdd and two on the top. I was planning to use a computers PSU but it won't power the fans without a motherboard of some sort. I need a way to run the fans without a motherboard. i was planning on using an auxillary power supply from a PC that puts out 270 watts because the fans won't need that much power. I will switch to a larger one if needed butim trying to keep the case somewhat small and I would use a fan controller if needed. Any suggestions and/or directions are welcome.

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