The image edit control cannot be found. Reload Imaging

By satishbl ·
Please can you help me how to install imaging in windows 2000 professional.

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image viewer - Register OCX files as mentioned below

by nagaraju.k In reply to The image edit control ca ...

Having added files from a Win98 installation CD into a directory on my XP system and registered the critical files as per instructions below, I have used Kodak Imaging in WinXP Home for well over a year, if not two. This has worked on more than one installation by following this procedure......
1. Make a new subdirectory in 'Programs' called 'Imaging'
2a. for W9x - Copy into your new subdirectory 'KODAKIMG.EXE' from the
\Windows directory and the following files from \Windows\System:
3. Register the OCX files in the system. If you have installed XP
Powertoys do this by right-clicking the new 'Imaging' subdirectory IN
THE LEFT PANE of Explorer. Click 'Open Command Window Here'. If not,
then in Start/Run, type 'cmd' and navigate to the new imaging
sub-directory. At the prompt type:
regsvr32 imgadmin.ocx
Repeat for:
regsvr32 imgedit.ocx
regsvr32 imgscan.ocx
regsvr32 imgthumb.ocx
(Unregistering is regsvr32 imgadmin.ocx /u)
4. Now when you double-click Kodakimg.exe the program should load ok.
5. Finally, change the association of .tif and .tiff files in WinXP
Explorer to point to kodakimg.exe.

In past week or so, I have started to get Scanner handler errors when trying to append a document to an existing tif file opened with Kodak Imaging. Scanning a new document still worked fine but appending to an existing document repeatedly produced this error.
Steps taken to resolve:
First unregistered and reregistered the .ocx files used a command prompt window. No joy.
I also removed all the Imaging files and replaced them in the same directory with files from a backup in case they had become corrupted. No joy.
I uninstalled my scanner (drivers and software), removing all registry entries left as shown by regcleaner.
This did not work and the same error was produced by selecting the native Windows scanner software.
I then restored an image of my whole system from one made a few weeks previously when Kodak Imaging was still appending to existing documents with no problems. This did not work either.
This morning I have removed the Kodak Imaging files again, having unregistered all the .ocx files first. I then used regcleaner to remove all entries that seemed to be related to Kodak imaging including Woi/oi.
Using back up inaging files I wnet through the install / registering process again - hey presto, fixed.
However, windows is now not letting me change the program with which .tif files atr automatically opened (as it had done before). Browsing to Kodak imaging merely results in the kodak imaging icon NOT appearing in the list and the tif file opening with the default windows picture and fax viewer.
Could anyone suggest how I might resolve this last remaining problem?

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by seanferd In reply to image viewer - Register O ...

Tools > Folder Options > File Types > (for TIF and TIFF) > Change > Select Kodak Imaging from the list, or browse for the executable.

If you have another program that opens TIFF, it may check to see the file associations for TIFF are registered to itself, and change them back. It may have settings for this which you can turn off. (Un-associate it with TIFF files, or do not it let it check for file associations.)

If Windows is not letting you change this here, directly edit the registry under HKCR for the .tif and .tiff keys to match the subkeys and values for other filetypes opened with Kodak Imaging. If they do not contain a full path to the executable, you also need to find and edit the related TIF keys farther down the list. (For example, mine would be "Irfanview.tif", as Irfanview is the primary program I use to view these files. Search for TIF and you should find them.

Or you could use Irfanview or Xnview, or another free viewer. They are much more flexible and easier to deal with than Kodak/Wang Imaging, especially for average image viewing use.

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Kodak Image edit control

by satiss7pwr In reply to The image edit control ca ...

Hi all.
I am new for image Annotation.
Currently i have a web based project that having functionality for image annotation, i had search many things but not find appropriate solution.
My question is that what is first step to develop image annotation in
Have i to purchase or install kodak image edit control (or other alternative tool if is there than please suggest) or how to start for this ?. i have no any idea about that kodak is licensed version or free. if free than from where i can download it , if not than fro where i can get it.

And also i dont know how to use this type of controls.

So please tell me Step by Step process for use image edit control in

It will be very helpful for me if i get some solution from all of you

I hope that some one will reply to this post.

Thanks in advance

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