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The inmates are in charge of the asylum

By neilb@uk ·

For those of you who cannot get the link, it would seem that six prisoners are likely to be awarded an out-of-court payment because they were forced to go what they considered to be "cold turkey" when imprisoned. These are six test cases out of a group of over one hundred who would likely win a court case under the governments human rights legislation.

Taking drugs is currently against the law. So, what I would do is supply the prisoners with drugs and, for every day of their sentence that I was supplying them or I could prove that they were using drugs from another source, I would extend their sentence for a day. I'd let them out when they had been "clean" for a period of time equivalent to their sentence.

I would also publish the names, email, addresses and pictures of the lawyers who brought this case. Just for fun you know...

This government seems ****-bent on driving me to vote for the opposition.


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Me too, cos

by gadgetgirl In reply to The inmates are in charge ...

the amount of tax money used on stupid things like this is driving me nuts (ok you lot, even more nuts....)


We pay for the police to catch the criminals. Then we pay for the courts to prosecute them. Then we pay to keep them in jail. Now we have to pay because we won't fund their addiction, too?

Anyone else see anything wrong with this picture?

Who said it crime didn't pay? It bloody well does in this country. Nine times out of ten, if your not a persistant offender, you just get a slap on the wrists anyway, because the jails are already over capacity...

And then, of course, when you come out of jail, some nice, kind employment or council person sets about finding you a legal, paying job....



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Driving you even more nuts

by rob mekel In reply to Me too, cos

as if that is possible

But the both of you are right. It is insane that your government is paying for the addiction of those inmates. Let them detox on their own costs (okay some rules have to be made to make this possible) and adjust the time they're serving with the time it took to get off their addiction.

Now lets see if they can't pay for their detentiontime hospitality and meals they get served while being in prison :) this likewise the polluter pay's for the pollution he causes :^0


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I like your way of thinking....

by Steffi28 In reply to The inmates are in charge ...

...that the sentence should only officially start when their clean, what a great idea!
It really annoys me how criminals have more rights than the innocent hard working people in society grrrr

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They shouldn't win the case, as to provide them with drugs

by Deadly Ernest In reply to The inmates are in charge ...

would have required the government officials to break the law - something they can't be required to do. The lawyers bringing this case are wanting to penalise someone for refusing to be part of a conspiracy to commit a crime.

On a different note, maybe they should practice evolution in action. Give them the does of drugs they want, as pure stuff. If they live, they do their time, a burial would cleanse the gene pool and be cheaper.

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good news in this

by john.a.wills In reply to The inmates are in charge ...

Apparently British prison guards are not allowing drugs into the prisons. That is an improvement on the U.S., Mexico, etc., where for bribes the guards permit the bringing in of drugs.

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Saw this on the news this morning

by drowningnotwaving In reply to The inmates are in charge ...

everyone's a winner there.

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Under Euro law does this become 'precedent'?

by drowningnotwaving In reply to The inmates are in charge ...

Do other countries now have to look at this as the norm?

Had it happened somewhere else first and the porridge boys jumped on the bandwagon?

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