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The insanity of hardware is cheap.

By Jaqui ·
Yes, this is an insane concept for developers to have.
It is used by developers that fit into one of two groups:


They are either incapable of writing good code, which is why they say hardware is cheap, or they are to lazy to write good code, so they say hardware is cheap.

The reality is, why would anyone, or any company, want to buy your software, if it means they will have to buy new computer(s) to run it?
They wouldn't.

The hardware is cheap concept is the absolute worst one any software developer could hold. Since Java is designed around this model, anyone advocating the use of Java is saying they buy into the hardware is cheap model, so they are either lazy or incompetent. Either way, their software is not ready for use, not until they wipe the concept that hardware is cheap out of their minds.

editing to add:
just to see if it actually does anything

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Insane No

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to The insanity of hardware ...

Shortsighted yes

Hardware is cheaper than development time. Any commercial entity is going to go for the lowest cost they can get away with, so you should be chopping at VB6 intead of java

Writing inefficient code and 'saving' it with more hardware seems to be an industry wide standard though now. If we ever hit another hardware wall, a lot of developers are going to struggle.

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VB6? who cares, it's

by Jaqui In reply to Insane No

only usefull for an os I don't touch, if suckers want to spend far more than they have to to use software written in that kludge, let them. They already proved they are mentally deficient by using windows.

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They are like the AOL crowd

by jdclyde In reply to VB6? who cares, it's

More money than brains.

I do not see our shop EVER going to Vista, because we would have to throw out about 80% of our pc's. That is even BEFORE we look at software incompatibilities.

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vista? what about the empty expanse of wilderness?

by Jaqui In reply to They are like the AOL cro ...

it's malware, it was written with the hardware is cheap concept at the core.

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I'm on Vista now

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to They are like the AOL cro ...

simply because our customer are starting to be.
Making sure our product became compatible and stayed that way was necessary.

All the devlopers in my team are now on it, and our IT department learnt enough to be able to roll out Vista elsewhere in the business as they roll out new hardware.

It's getting a bit easier to do with new hardware, but if you don't need to support vista and you don't need new hardware, it's not even worth considering.

Anyone start's talking about increase in productivity, laugh your *** off at them.

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That's the open source / closed development

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to VB6? who cares, it's

split in a nutshell though.
Open source developers collaberate, closed compete on quality if there is competition and the costs are baasically equivalent.

Nothing to do with the coding environment as such. I'd be the first to admit writing high quality code in VB6 is erm difficult.

VB6 coders are much cheaper than java ones in the windows world, (rightly so as well). So they don't have to spend more. They can also turn out something that looks vaguely OK, quicker. VB's raison d'etre that.

Quality is not the primary driver, they'll have it as a bonus feature, but they won't pay more than they need to for it.
Using up the the customer's resources ionstead of their own is simply sound business thinking....

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insane, yes...

by Jaqui In reply to Insane No

Since the largest customers will delay purchasing the new version, until they have to replace all their hardware, or everyone else has already bought it. by using the hardware is cheap model they lost the mass sales that would make the product profitable for up to three years after release.

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Forced obsolescence is expensive.

by Absolutely In reply to insane, yes...

I think the programming and hardware paradigms could both use an update. Updating one but not the other would be sub-optimal. Neither is useful without the other, yet both appear to be designed with inaccurate models of the nature of the other.

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