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The internet on my laptop isnt working!

By xRaInBoXx ·
Ok. So i bought a laptop that was about 5 months old from my brother. Its a Windows Vista XP i believe...but the internet that was automatically on it in the first place wouldnt work because he got a virus and lost everything. So i took it to a computer store and they said it looked fine but i needed a new motherboard or an internet card. i went with the internet card and installed it and everything and when i try to get on the internet it doesnt work. But yesterday out of curiosity i got on to see if the internet would somehow magically work and it did! Then i got back on this morning and it wouldnt work again. So i dont know whats up. Any advice?

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We'll need some specific details first ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to The internet on my laptop ...

What is the MAKE and MODEL of this laptop?

What is the operating system?
It cannot be 'Windows Vista XP' because Windows Vista is an operating system and Windows XP is also an operating system. It's either one or the other but NOT both.

What is this 'internet card' that you bought?
How did you 'install' it?

How are you connecting this laptop to the outside world?
Where does the cable from the laptop go to?

What age are you?

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Bad Bad OM

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to We'll need some [i]specif ...

It may be a WiFi Internet Connection.

Forgot that didn't you?

Besides Windows has a New OS that was named after the best known previous versions of Windows NT, CE and ME M$ call this new version of Windows CEMENT so it is only natural that they would add the name of their best ever OS to the Piece of junk that they are now selling in an attempt to improve the Reputation of the piece of junk called Vista. Surely you have heard of the newest version of Windows that is going to be released to Domestic Users called Windows XP Pro Vista Home Basic.

Now repent your evil ways and tell this person how to get their Vista XP system to work on the LAN. After all it works sometimes as if by magic so there can't be anything major wrong with it can there? Probably when it is running XP it works and when Vista is running it doesn't simple really.


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ROFL - For a minute there ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Bad Bad OM

I started reading with trepidation, wondering what I'd done.

XP Pro Vista Home Basic - I like that!! :^0

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I Thank You

by L-Mo In reply to We'll need some [i]specif ...


I needed a good laugh today. :)

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Well firstly what appears on the screen when you boot the computer

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to The internet on my laptop ...

Windows Vista or Windows XP?

This is the simple bit as all you need do is open your eyes and look. The computer will tell you which version of Windows you have installed.

What did you buy at the computer store? We need the Make & Model of this item and how does it connect to the Internet?

What is a Automatic Internet as there isn't one that I'm aware of you need to buy time off an ISP and connect to their system to access the Internet. Of course you could be stealing a Unsecured WiFi Connection from a neighbor and this isn't on all of the time so it works some times and not others. If that is the case here don't expect any help as we don't help criminals.

Much more importantly what moron did you take this to who is unable to diagnose the issue here as it's a simple matter to tell the difference between the M'Board and Internet Card what ever that is actually.

What is the Make & Model of this NB and how do you think that it is supposed to connect to the Internet?


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